Bahamian Church votes to keep convicted Bishop as Senior Pastor – Randy Fraser could be released late this year…


Vote “NO” wins again! This time to keep Fraser as Senior Pastor of Pilgrim Baptist

Randy Frasertaken to prison in cuffs. Photo by The Tribune. Would Randy Fraser be allowed to attend the conference as a part of the Prison Work programme?

Nassau, Bahamas — Shocking news coming into Bahamas Press tonight confirms disgraced Bishop of the Pilgram Baptist Church, Randy Fraser, will retain his position as Senior Pastor of the Kemp Road area church while he serve his prison term.

The news was just handed down late last night following a meeting of the membership.

Members of the Baptist church voted 133 – 68 in favour of keeping Fraser as head of the church. The vote came with tensions and strong opposition to have Fraser removed, however, the group was unsuccessful.

A senior trustees at the church, supported the removal of the senior pastor.

We can confirm the church member, moving on conviction, believed it was time for a new direction in the parish and attempted to convince members not to keep Fraser as the senior pastor.

The question on the ballot read: “Do you agree to terminate Bishop Earl Randy Fraser as Senior Pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Temple ( yes or no )?” And once again, the “vote no” has won!

You would remember the Bishop, who also served as the Bishop for the Bahamas in the Full Gospel Association and on the Child Protection Board, was arrested and after losing his long appeal before the courts. Fraser was convicted for having “inappropriate unlawful sexual relations” with a minor placed in his care. The young dependent was under the age of consent at the time.

During that trial, which dragged on for months, it was discovered that Fraser had furnished the young accused with gifts and on several occasion – some times just before church and in the church – committed acts of an inappropriate kind with the accused.

To justify semen found on the carpet of the church Mrs. Fraser told the court she recalls there were times when both she and Fraser sexed until they were tired in the holy place, as electricity was off at home and they had no choice but to strip down to their birthday suits in the place of worship – WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS!


In an appeal to overturn the conviction the court wrote in 2012:

The unassailable facts reveal the appellant as a sexual predator under the guise of a man of the cloth and counsellor, who had abandoned all of his obligations and responsibilities, particularly his commitment to uphold the teachings of Christ himself who commanded: ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me.’

“In doing so, the appellant obnoxiously betrayed this young, vulnerable and emotionally fragile complainant who was entrusted to his care for emotional and spiritual healing; disgustingly defiled the sanctum of his church; besmirched the good name of men and women of the cloth who daily perform their Christian duties with diligence and integrity, and has brought shame and odium to his church, his wife and indeed, his community.

“This was a contemptible act and deserves the severest condemnation,” the court concluded.

Fraser, convicted in the retrial in November 2011. The incidents occurred between July 2005 and February 2006.

In the meantime Pastor Leroy Major will serve as acting pastor until Fraser is released in the next 20 month.

It is possible Fraser will be released late this year on good behaviour.