BAHAMIAN man jailed for selling drugs to FBI! How did he get the drugs out the Bahamas?

Valentino Edgecome, 32

NASSAU| A Bahamian man who sold cocaine to an FBI informant has been jailed for five years.

Valentino Edgecome, 32, was arrested in Miami, Florida on September 28, 2021 after he sold three kilos of cocaine to a confidential source for $84,000.

Edgecombe sold a half-kilo of cocaine to the source for $14, 000 at Dolphin Mall on August 6.

During a phone call later that evening, Edgecombe told the source to call him whenever he needed cocaine.

Edgecombe flew back to The Bahamas on August 15. He spoke to the source on September 8 and told him that when he returned to Florida, he could sell him six kilos for $168,000.

However, Edgecombe told the source that he was only able to source three kilos.