Bahamians cussin Ingraham on Talk Shows



  1. Well yawl so rite. this is why we need to get rid of these lawyers who have been running this country from day one. Ive repeatedly been saying that we need  business men in the driver seat of this nation. these good for nothin crooked lawyers only know of wheeling and dealing and getting cuts under the table on big business transactions. this is why in 2010 we still borrowing money from all about as suppose to generating our own. i think when hubert cancelled the scholarship program that alone was time for bahamians to march on down to the house, tie him up and cut his u no what because thats a clear slap in the face and a clear testiment that he is not concerned with the progress of this nation.

  2. Bahamians just want a little securityin our own country, we all now before a fellow Bahamian support a Bahamian Company they will buy from the Chinese or the Haitians.  So that is the reason why most people perfer a Government job and oh don’t forget the  pension payments after aged 60.

  3. BP, I listened to one John Rogers on JCN last night talking to David Allen. Men like Rogers give me hope. It is unfortunate that Bahamians are generally, fools,just like our American neighbours. Education and ownership are the keys! Why are the PLP and the FNM against ownership for the Black Bahamian masses? Why is it that Bahamians, even those trained in University, are satisfied with a government job, or working in a hotel while foreigners come here,broke and busted,  and in less that 5 years, are millionaires?

    • Because too many persons still have a slave mentality, expect hand outs and do not think for themselves.

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