Bahamians have a bad feeling on Rodney Moncur’s abandoned home fire…


Sixth fire connected to the former DNA candidate – was he financially suitable to run in the last general elections?

Rodney Moncur home torched - Moncur moved out the BMC home almost one year ago.

Nassau, Bahamas
— After what many know – according to evidence presented by Bahamas Press – to be the work of an arsonist, Rodney Moncur has raised $5 following the torching of his abandoned home.

Bahamians were made aware of the developments after we released hardcore data and facts showing Moncur’s defiance about appearing at the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation just days before his home went up in smoke.

Moncur had vacated the residence months ago and had left the wooden structure in Black Village abandoned.

According to reports, BMC requested countless meetings with Moncur, however, he failed to make any effort to resume payment of the debt owed. The following morning after the home was torched, a public notice by the BMC was published, asking Moncur to show up for a visit.

Many Bahamians believe Rodney Moncur knew who assisted in the torching of his home, yet he refuses to tell police.

This is the 6th fire Moncur has been associated with and, many agree, he must know how they began.

We report yinner decide!