Bahamians need our question answered on Crown Land – Minnis DOUBLE DEALING!


RCL and Minnis GOVERNMENT in conceited arrogance ignores a Supreme Court Writ filed Court of the Bahamas!

  1. What date did RCL apply for a Crown Land Lease of Crown Land on Paradise Island?
  2. What date did RCL allegedly receive a Crown Land Lease for Crown Land on Paradise Island?
  3. What is the full scope of what RCL is applying to Town Planning and Physical Planning? On the previous call the callers have had to press for details. 
  4. Prior to allegedly receiving a Crown Land Lease, why is RCL, complicit with Target Surveying & Engineering destroying the native coppice and bird nests on the western portion of Paradise Island for the sake of a topographical site survey? By RCL’s own admission: before they possessed an alleged lease. 
  5. How much has RCL generated in gross revenues while calling upon the Bahamas for the past “fifty years”?
  6. How much revenue has been generated by RCL in commissions from third party shore excursions and tour performed in The Bahamas?
  7. What is the percentage range of commission taken from Bahamas based excursions performed by Bahamian third parties?
  8. How much air pollution has been generated by RCL by cruising in Bahamian waters? 
  9. How many gallons of exhaust scrubber water has been pumped into Bahamian and surrounding international waters in the past five years? 
  10. How much fuel has been consumed by RCL vessels in the past ten years?
  11. How much untreated sewerage has been pumped into Bahamian waters in the past ten years?
  12. How much grey water has been pumped into Bahamian waters in the past ten years?
  13. How does RCL dispose of its garbage generated in Little Sturrup Cay (its identity has been removed by RCL to be promoted as “Coco Cay”?
  14. How many tons of waste has been incinerated by RCL on Little Sturrup Cay?
  15. How much gross revenue has been generated by Little Sturrup Cay for RCL since inception, promoted as your “number one destination”?
  16. What has RCL declared to shareholders as profit sharing/bonuses to Executive Management in the past five years?
  17. Has RCL contributed to the political campaign of the Free National Movement, directly or indirectly?
  18. You tout on your website bringing 30 million passengers to the Bahamas: what is the breakdown of those 30M between Freeport, Nassau and Little Sturrup Cay?
  19. What is the average gross revenue per passenger for the cruise itself and through up-selling of goods and services in the Bahamas?
  20. While RCL claims to have started giving back to the Bahamas: what have they given back prior to 2012?