Bamboo Town will fall under the knife as Ingraham proposes a 38 seats Parliament



BP NEWS ALERT: Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham informed the Parliament this morning of his intent to reduce Parliamentary seats to 38.

Papa is proposing to cut the seats by three. Sources tell us, Ingraham plans to axe the Bamboo Town seat in his cuts in an attempt to remove DNA leader, Branville McCartney, from the Parliament.

Bamboo Town will fall under the hammer and heavy hand of Ingraham. Papa is now directing his unfettered authority and flexing to show Branville who is man.

Sources also tell us the seats to fall will also include Clifton and Elizabeth.

Bahamas Press appeals to Branville to once again GO SEE CHRISTIE and avoid Papa’s ‘VICKED’ UNCHRISTIAN SCHEMES! The DNA will be short lived as Ingraham intends to proverbially bury its leader.

Ingraham is reported to have told close friends, “I am about to chop off the head of the snake and the body cannot survive.”

McCartney is expected to speak in the Parliament late this afternoon following the luncheon break.


  1. Yea, as bad as Mr. Ingraham would like to kick that seat into space, that seat ain’t going nowhere. Mr. Ingraham (in his own mind) is confident that Cassius will defeat Bran.

    Either which way, if Cassius looses the seat, it still works in Mr. Ingraham’s favor because he would have dismantled the small man party Cassius came from and he wouldn’t have to cater to Cassius. If Cassius wins, then like you said, he can cut off the snake’s head (DNA, again in Mr. Ingraham’s mind) so the body doesn’t move.

    A win-win for Mr. Ingraham. That’s just my five cents.

  2. Papa said no such thing. Indeed, this evening, he said that if the commission recommends eliminating Bamboo Town, he would oppose it. Fact is, Papa will destroy McCartney politically. But it will be of his own making. By the way, PLP looked really incompetant today. They were weak, shallow and of no substance. They looked a bit scared to me. It was a bad day for the PLP.

  3. Hello BP! I hear Cassius and Renwood on Jeff Lloyd show today say dey running in Bamboo Town. You both can’t be right.

  4. History always repeats its self.
    I often wondered why Christie continues to “Hold his Peace”
    The battle is the Lord’s.

    History has recorded many battles where the enemies of Truth always fight among themselves and slaughter one another.

    The way things look today, when the FNM & DNA finish their fight, and Mr. Christie and The PLP will only need to pick up the spoils.

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