Bandits stole the safe out of the North Andros Clinic…


BPL in that community was also broken into but nothing stolen – YET – police in the capital are reporting crime is down – WHAT IS DIS?

This is a file photo and is NOT the photo of the actual safe stolen.

Nassau – The first time readers saw and read of any robbery in North Andros was when it was first published on Bahamas Press on Saturday.

We can now confirmed not only did a robbery go down in that part of the country, but bandits stole the entire clinic’s safe during the ordeal. What is this? And we still await a report from that part of the country! What was all secured in the safe? Was money also taken? How much? Was an alarm or CCTV footage available? Were the devices on? Was security on the property? Big robbery goes down and nothing?

We reported how the North Andros Community clinic has been ransacked and robbed over the space of two nights in a string of robberies between Dec. 11th and 12th this past week.

But while Assistant Commissioner of Police Emerick Seymour was telling the public all is well, crime was down and Bahamians could go about their business as usual earlier this week, our sources on the ground now tell us the burglaries in that part of the country has went from bad to worst. Perhaps someone is reading the crime stats charts upside down. This is possible seeing the level of celebrated ignorance now in the country!

We are learning Esso in Mastic Point Romer was robbed. Robbers held up Island Luck in the Lowe Sound community. Mother Rolle Shop in the community has also been vandalized and, while nothing was stolen, BPL’s office in the same North Andros community was broken into. Something is serious gone wrong in that part of the country!

What is going down in North Andros that police refuse to tell us? Who is reading the crime stats upside down? We must do better in informing the public on these incidents! We have heard whispers that someone is being sought while others say someone has been taken into custody for these incident. But who knows what has really happened happened? We, JOE PUBLIC and media are not getting anything on these incidents! WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

We report yinner decide!