Belly Fat Basics Facts


By: Ana Milena Perez


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At this moment many people are trying to fight off those pounds located in the abdominal area. There are certain basic facts that should be known about abdominal fat to understand its nature and therefore know how to start dealing with it.

Experts agree that too much body fat is dangerous. Research has stated the following two principal locations for body fat storage. Where the body’s store their fat is also important in determining health risks.

Visceral body fat:
Visceral body fat is stored deep in the body and attaches to major organs in the abdominal cavity. It may appear often in the presence of thin arms and legs  and it is part of one’s genetic predisposition.

Visceral body fat is the more deadly of the two types of belly fat. Because it increases the chance of:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

Even though, visceral fat is very responsive to exercise because visceral fat is very metabolically active, the hormones released during exercise can prevent the fat from settling around major organs, and the body can use it for energy. A healthy diet and strengthening training are also essential in prevention of fat around the viscera.

Subcutaneous body fat:
Subcutaneous body fat is important because it is responsible for insulating the body’s temperatures. It helps in maintain the hormone balance and provides cushioning for internal tissues.

Subcutaneous fat is the better-known type of body fat.  It is less metabolically active, and therefore harder to lose.

As with visceral fat, decreasing subcutaneous fat requires cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and a healthy diet.

The most important part of keeping belly fat away deals with the exercise and healthy eating habits.


[Extracted on: october 12, 2010].


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