Ministry of Labour honours its Employees of the Year


NASSAU, The Bahamas — Minister of Labour and Social Development Senator the Hon Dion Foulkes congratulated the Ministry’s Employee of the Year 2009 as well as the Employee of the Year 2010 at a ceremony, Friday, October 9.

Michael Colebrooke who heads the Nicholl’s Town, North Andros office of the Department of Labour is the Employee of the Year 2010, and Lisa Bowleg, a Probation Officer from the Department of Rehabilitative Services, is the Employee of the Year 2009.

Senator Foulkes said he knows that sometimes it seems employees do not get the recognition they deserve.

But, he said the Ministry does take the time every year to recognise those workers who perform wonderfully at the game.

Senator Foulkes also noted that Mr Colebrooke’s attaining the honour of Employee of the Year was extra special, because his immediate bosses do not see him often, as Mr Colebrooke lives on a Family Island.

Minister of State for Labour and Social Development the Hon Loretta Butler-Turner said it is always good to give praise to those who excel, and she is pleased to see that both genders have been recognised by the ministry.

She also noted that Ms Bowleg, a Probation Officer, who represented the Department of Rehabilitative Welfare Services, was selected from the entire Ministry to be a “shining light, a beacon, even during these very difficult time”.

Mrs Butler-Turner said the Department of Rehabilitative Services does not receive the most publicity, but is so integral and important to ensuring that many things happen in the ministry.

She said Ms Bowleg retained her dedication, professionalism and the joy of serving others.

“Without employees like yourselves, we could never shine; it is not so much the ministers but those who support and deliver services everyday.
“I truly hope you can influence others to be like you,” Mrs Butler-Turner said.


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