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Vonage Message to Bahamians

RE: Important Changes to Vonage Calling Plans

On February 16, 2011, unlimited1 calls to the Bahamas will no longer be included in the Vonage World plan. We regret this change to your service, but dramatic price increases charged by local Bahamian carriers to Vonage – more than 500% – mean that we now have to charge per-minute rates on calls to this region. Based on your current usage, this could potentially have a significant increase on your monthly costs. Please review a recent bill to evaluate and, if necessary, adjust your monthly usage to avoid surprises.

Although these price increases are beyond our control, Vonage is committed to giving you the best value. We offer very competitive per-minute rates on calls to both landlines and cell phones in the Bahamas:
For calls to landlines, you’ll pay only $0.05/minute
For calls to cell phones, you’ll pay only $0.10/minute
If you call landlines in the Bahamas after February 16, 2011, based on a usage of 700 minutes, your bill would increase by approximately $35.00 (plus fees and taxes). Therefore, review your current usage carefully and consider your options for staying connected to your loved ones.

Please don’t hesitate to check our rates against other companies, as we’re confident that Vonage is still the best value around. You can also keep your costs down by purchasing Vonage service and sending a Vonage Box® to friends and family living overseas.* This is an excellent way to save money – especially if you call one number frequently – since calls between Vonage customers are always free. You’ll continue to get unlimited1 domestic calling throughout the U.S. and to more than 60 countries, plus great rates to the Bahamas. With Vonage, there are no hidden charges or connection fees.

We understand that no one wants to pay more for phone service, and we thank you for your continued loyalty. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-VONAGE-HELP

Vonage Customer Care


  1. BP, what are you talking about with this. Didn’t Bradley Roberts announce when he was Minister of Public works and Utilities that Vonage and any other type of VOIP service in the Bahamas other than Vibe were all illegal anyway. According to the then Minister (and no laws were changed recently to my knowledge that changed this), there was a penalty for any individual found with Vonage of $10K and businesses with a penalty of $100K.

    • Indeed that was the advise I was given at that time. The position and conditions changed when BTC was obliged to introduce it own VOIP.One can stand on the beach head of time but can not roll back the changes the tides bring. Regards Bradley B Roberts

  2. Dis een no big announcment! SMT. I know I know, BP just report it, yinner decide if it legit news. LOL!

    We was all complaining about the high cost of receiving US calls on our cellphones, so BTC reversed this about 6 months ago. Now, the calling party in the US or other country pays more to terminate the calls here. Which way you want it? I for one hated getting charged 30 cents per minute for calls received from my family in Atlanta. Now we just use Skype and talk for free.

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