Big send-off party for the Deputy Commissioner of Police planned today at Police Headquarters…

Ismella Davis-Delancey

NASSAU| While Bahamians are sweating in the heat of BPL power outages, tonight at the Police Command Headquarters the major junkanoo-like sendoff of Deputy Commissioner of Police Ismella Davis-Delancy is being planned.

BP understands it is at this major send-off event that the big announcement of her new job as Coordinator of the Neighbourhood Crime Watch in the Ministry of National Security will be made.

The Minnis Government decided to send David-Delancy off into early retirement with a juicy package of over quarter of a million dollars and the new office job to continue her contributions to the country.

And, while firemen couldn’t find water and a community burnt to the ground, the Minnis Government found money for a supporter while neglecting the upkeep within many departments around the country.

These hires, promotions, appointments and send-offs come all at a time when loyal dedicated public servants cannot get any benefits and their requests are greeted with the screams that the country is broke! Not broke for some supporters though!

We hear the send-off will be lavish, with plenty of food and guests in these strict times of protocols, emergency powers and social distancing! We will be watching to see how police adhered to the rules and guidelines they impose on the local citizenry every day. Big police event today for Davis-Delancy.

We report yinner decide!