BIS government executive found shot dead in his government vehicle early this morning…


BREAKING BP MORNING NEWS >>>> Senior BIS Officer found dead in government vehicle early this morning on Market Street and White Road….

Latore Mackey is country's latest homicide victim...

Homicide victim is BIS officer Latore Mackey….Others were in the vehicle…

Nassau, Bahamas — A senior Government officer in the Bahamas Information Service is the country’s latest homicide victim.

Police are seeking the public’s help in solving an early morning shooting that has left a young man dead.

Bahamas Press has learnt the victim in this early morning shooting is indeed Bahamas Information Senior Director, Latore Mackey.

According to reports, early this morning, sometime around 4:30am officers responded to reports of gunshots being discharged in the White Road area just off Market Street. Upon their arrival at the scene the officers discovered an adult male sitting in a vehicle suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck. The male, who was the driver of the vehicle crashed into a utility pole after being shot.

EMS also responded to the scene and pronounced the male lifeless.

From what we know Mackey and several other men were altogether in the government vehicle when the incident occurred. The men we understand all fled the scene of the crime; leaving the driver lifeless.

Detectives now believe the incident started at a club in the area. What happened and led to Mackey’s death is still unknown at this time.

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