Blood flows in the capital as homicide count climbs to 11 in just over 24hours


A “Bloody Sunday” with scene only seen repeated in Russian back on January 22, 1905. Do we have some war on the streets police are not telling us?

Bahamas' 11th homicide victim shot dead Sunday around 10am on Miami Street and Robinson Road.
Bahamas’ 11th homicide victim shot dead Sunday around 10am on Miami Street and Robinson Road.

NASSAU| Bloody weekends are fast returning on the streets of the capital as police are reporting some three murders in just over the past 24 hours.

Since the 8th homicide with a man dying in hospital on Feb 3rd, we can tell you the street of the capital are bloody with blood running down like water from pumps.

The first homicide which records the 9th for the year unfolded on Saturday in the Haitian Village just off Cowpen Road.

In this report, shortly before 1:00am on Saturday 9th February 2018, a group of Haitian nationals were hosting a party in a Haitian Village in the area, when two men emerged from bushes both armed with firearms and open fired on the group. Two males were shot. One male was pronounced dead at the scene while the other, shot in both legs, was transported to hospital.

BP has identified the 9th homicide victim as Haitian national – Exantiz Exavier – date of birth still unknown. Police are holding two men believed to be the shooters in this homicide. They were in a high-speed chase on Cowpen. The suspects also collided with a white truck in their bold attempt to evade police.

The 10th homicide incident, which occurred around 9am Sunday morning, involved a man who was just sitting in front of a business establishment on Washington Street and Balfour Avenue. This victim was approached by a male armed with a firearm, who senselessly shot him, before getting into a silver vehicle and speeding away. The victim later died in hospital. What has happened with the CCTV these days?

In the third incident, 11th homicide victim for the year, a shooting incident occurred just an hour before the second homicide [and not far away either]. Police reported that sometime around 10:00am, a male was standing in front of a business establishment on Robinson Road and Miami Street, when the victim was approached by a man armed with a firearm, who shot him before running away [photo below]. Like some animal the victim was left hopelessly downing in his own blood as water flowed with blood into nearby drains. WHAT IS THIS? Where are the CCTV footage?

All we say is the streets are getting hot, and may the GOOD LORD HELP US ALL! BP has no identities on the two last victims. Could this be some drug war unfolding? Police will not tell us.

Three men murdered just hours from each other. Last weekend the same happened. Something is happening and all we are hearing is that crime down.

We report yinner decide!