BNT agents on the prowl looking for money again! Why didn’t the BNT want the dredging at Bell Island stopped? Why Bimini?


How can the BNT redeem themselves after that Bell Island disaster?

BNT executive director Eric Carey and BNT president Neil McKinney speaking to locals, including chief councillor Lloyd (Duda) Edgecombe, second from right.

Bahamians cannot trust the Bahamas National Trust

Nassau, Bahamas – Some people who claim to be protectors of the environment must have no shame. They remind us of a woman who walks along East Street North near the Lilly of the Valley Church of God, who often appeals for a 50 cent blowjob. Fact is most people not even a jonser would accept the offer, and most of her day goes and comes without a sale.

A few days ago the BNT decided to put on their prostitution suits and go into the island of Bimini where development is booming and appeal to the people of that island to buy into whatever they are selling.

The BNT must be the most shameless organization in the Bahamas, having lost every inch of respect from the Bahamian public.

They have prostituted themselves when it came to Bell Island. Without protection, they prostituted themselves when it came to Kamalamae Cay in Andros.

Louis Bacon is the man who wants Clifton - He has pumped money into the BNT. We wonder if the donation was to stop progress for Bahamians?

Committed wholesale backside rape when it came to Clifton Bay, and Saunders Beach among other things – yet where there is now progress and major development on Bimini – here comes that 50 cent whore from East Street [operatives of the BNT].

“While the BNT understands and supports the need for development projects to provide jobs for Bahamians, we have a responsibility to advise the government and express our concerns if these projects are likely to have negative and sometimes avoidable impact on our fragile environment,” said Mr Carey to a gathering of two who only looked at him.

He stressed that the BNT is not an anti-development organisation, “but we are no clearer on the outline of this project yet and we have many BNT members and Bahamians who are concerned about its proposed placement.” Yeah really?

During the visit, Mr McKinney and Mr Carey were taken to several well-known and widely used dive sites off of the Western edge of North Bimini.

According to news reports, the proposed thousand foot long jetty will be constructed in Western Bimini, accompanied by a six acre dredge spoil island.

The jetty will create hundreds of needed jobs and in addition will provide easier access to the island for thousands of guests coming from Florida and the US to Bimini.

The boom is huge! The spin-offs are huge! The money to be made by people who have been out of a job for more than 4 years is unquestionable, yet, operatives of the Bahamas National Trust want it stopped. And we wonder: why?

Why did the BNT, the people who we entrusted to manage and control the Exuma Land and Sea Park , not stop the dredging at Bell Island?

Amazingly, when they flew to Bell Island before the dredging,  and Neil McKinney and Eric Carey didn’t go there to speak with people and ask them to stop the dredging. They went there to pick up their $1 million silence donation from the Aga Khan. And from then – the marine life surrounding Bell Island and in The Exuma Land and Sea Park were all in trouble.

You must wonder, what is the real role of the BNT? Is it to oppose progress? Or is it to prostitute themselves for money?

What in the hell is dis!

We report yinner decide!~