Bandit Bride Wanted For Fraud CAPTURED –


A Father’s love for his daughter – turned her into police!

Michela Cox

Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera — You are going to just love this story and BP’s hero of the week comes out of Eleuthera.

Bahamas Press agents in Eleuthera and Nassau have teamed up to bring you this behind the scenes story. Remember Michaela Cox whose wedding picture was also her wanted poster?

That’s the woman who cops in Eleuthera were looking for after she allegedly collected a check on her husband’s behalf and then wrote more numbers on it before trying to cash it at a local bank.

The husband works at a popular tourist club on the island.

Cox, who was in Tarpum Bay before heading to Hatchet Bay, was said to have tried to skip to Nassau.

Well, it turns out her own daddy, following the requests and appeals of the Commissioner of Police for families to turn in these criminals, put da brakes on her and turned her in after she shame the whole family by being pasted on a police wanted poster.

In this time of ‘not my good child’ dis and dat, it sure is good to know we got some Bahamian parents out there who know the law of the land prevails over the love of a child, especially when they bring dishonor to the house.

BP applauds the father who is a decent Bahamian who loves his country!

We wish we had more like him.

Honesty is still the best policy and if we train our children in the right way – they would love us still, even when in trouble.

We report yinner decide!