Boat thief caught and charged in connection with boat theft!

Boat thief Kevin Dean charged with the theft of “King Choice”.

NASSAU| Kevin Dean has been granted $5,000 bail after being charged on Tuesday in connection with a brazen boat theft that was widely reported on social media.

According to reports, a tow truck driver was hired and paid over $200 to pull the 35-foot boat, “King’s Choice” from the yard of an apartment complex in Marathon Estates around 7:30 Wednesday night.

The owner of the white Malargo with two 300 HP Yamaha engines did not discover that the boat had been stolen until the following morning.

The theft was reported to police and a swift investigation led to the discovery of the stolen boat in the yard of a home in Seabreeze on Christmas Eve. By the time the boat was found, its registration number and name had been scratched off. All of the boat’s contents, including life vests, scuba diving gear, tools, fishing apparatus and cooler, had been removed. They were not recovered.

Police arrested Dean, who spent the holidays behind bars. He appeared in the Magistrates Court where he was charged with receiving. Dean pleaded not guilty to the charge. His trial has been set for February 22, 2021.