Bowe alleges Grant may have decieved the Public and Parliament

Ethric Bowe


Dear Sir,

What is the consequence for a cabinet minister lying to the public or lying to parliament? The Minister of Works in a public meeting broadcast on radio and TV claimed that his ministry had done an economic impact study of the roads on the businesses and community of Coconut Grove.

When he was challenged to produce the document at the time he said it was a big document and it would be “too cumbersome” to turn over to the public even though the group volunteered to pick it up. YESTERDAY in the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY Mr. Grant confessed that there was no economic impact study. This overturns the lies that were told to the public directly in town hall meetings, on the radio, and on TV. Many supporters repeated the lies because they believed Neko Grant. Now he collapses with the truth.

The press knew what the truth was but in many instances facilitated Neko Grant.

What a mess we weave, when at first we do deceive?


  1. It is so sad that Neko has chosen to go down in history as a prolific unapologetic LIAR. He continued his LIES today telling reporters that the work stoppage on Blue Hill Road was caused by the Ova da hill group that took the matter to court. Truth is, the injunction clearly states that nobody wanted the road works to be stopped, and said the parties should get together & resolve the traffic reversal problem before the court hearing takes place.Again, truth is HAI ordered the MOW to do whatever it took to open the 6-legged roundabout by the time school opened, so they used th einjunction as an excuse to redeploy the Blue Hill Road crew to the 6-legged roundabout.
    Also, anyone travelling on Blue Hill Road could tell you that precious little was being done on that road because it appears the western side has been elevated much too high and they were scratching their heads trying to figure out how the eastern side should be done to prevent serious flooding to properties on the eastern side. The idea that a one-week work stoppage cost more than $300,000 is ludicrous especially when the Blue Hill road work should have been completed from June & the injunction wasn’t granted until mid-Aug!!! Neko please stop the BULL—-!!

    • We are still wondering why the PM did not meet with NIB Chairman, Patrick Ward? Its is 3 days since the PM told Parliament that LIE!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. Mr Bowe,

    You must remember that the workers of the Dept. of Works are responsible for conducting such studies NOT a Minister. The Minister is to oversee and if the work is not done then HEADS will be on the cutting board. ANY Buisness or organziation operate this way. Wake up Mr Bowe the GOVERNMENT is NOT GOD! GOD Is the ANSWER stop casting blame and go do the study yourself.

  3. I watched the HOA yesterday and only wished we the Bahamian people electricity accounts were credited $100 every-time those Politicians got up to clown around and tell lies. My account would be in credit today and probably take about 4 months to liquidate,

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