BEC men arraigned in court today


A BP NEWS ALERT — Two Nassau men, employees of BEC are being arraigned at this hour in the magistrate court. A 47 year-old and a 53 year-old is accused of stealing the copperwire from the transmitter station at ZNS South Beach. Some 11 witnesses will be called in the case.


  1. I know of several instances where copper tubing was stolen from the condensers of apartment buildings and houses. It would not surprise me if it is found that these clowns were the culprits…after all they had the perfect cover – they were B.E.C. employees in a B.E.C. truck & anyone seeing them on someone’s property would think they were there doing B.E.C’s work or their own work on B.E.C.’s time!! Jail them & throw away the key! But the Police should not stop until they find out how the clowns disposed of the stolen copper…the receiver should also be JAILED!!!

  2. I couldn’t believe it when I heard on the news that they stole $1,400 worth of wire. I know tings tuff, but you take a whole national radio station off the air, put your secure job on the line, risk jail time for what? $700 a piece? Dumb and Dumber – that’s being kind.

  3. The Attorney General’s office should do research to determine the most severe charges that can be possibly brought against these fellows, the core of which should be reckless endangerment of life and property of Family Island residents especially who rely on ZNS 1 for potentially life saving instructions especially during Hurricane Season.

    The Attorney general should try for a maximum sentence (not excluding LIFE ) and then follow the strategy of many of the murders on Death Row…by stretching,,,delaying…prolific filings etc. which could last over a period of maybe 20 years after the Government has exhausted all appeals.

    This may seem Draconian…but it is definitely less cruel than what these people have done to people in the Family Islands, who rely on Community announcements and possibly lifesaving weather alerts before going out to sea on a fishing trip.



  4. I think I know those guys. Their names are dumb and dumber!! Tough economic times and these fools jeopardizing their secure jobs!!!

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