Primary School Student Stabbed at Claridge Primary


There has been a stabbing at a primary school afternoon this afternoon.

Bahamas Press is reporting the stabbing of a primary school student at the Claridge Primary School. We know the student who was attacked by two fellow classmates, was rushed to hospital for medical attention.

BP wonders how many innocent children must be slaughtered before police are returned to uphold order on campuses throughout the country?

Tommy Turnquest is the most WUTLESS minister in the history of the Bahamas! We urge Bahamians voting in Mt. Moriah to FIRE TOMMY TURNQUEST SEEING THAT INGRAHAM REFUSES TO DO THE SAME!


    • Amen & amen Nicole! It may take a village to raise a child but it starts with the parents! Like you said when we as parents decided to bring a life into this world we gave up the freedoms of living carefree and selfishly. It is our responsibility to train our children in the right way, yes they have their own minds and may be swayed by other influences but do not let that discourage us as parents all that means is that we need to try a little harder to steer them on the right path and also show them that we love them and are supportive of their needs! Wake up Bahamas the decay in our Family structure has created a very large hole that needs mending so lets get mending!

  1. This is very scary to know that my young son is only in grade one and he stands the chance of being stabbed by his fellow classmates. That child maybe mocking an older sibling that’s why he brought that knife to school, i hope the parents,police and teachers all took of their belts and gave him a good beating.What gets to me is that everytime something happens the blame is cast else where, yes Tommy may not be worth cat s#*t but it starts in your home.Come out of your bedroom with the lock doors with that man,come home from the bar and pay attention to these children and what is going on in their minds and their hearts. To all parents your job is to raise those children and raise them right, your life stopped when you had them and starts again when they are grown. These children need you everything and everyone else have to wait.

  2. i agree with you empress 34, it does start in the home but at the same time everyone has thier own minds. if thier mindset is set to a certain something you best believe they will more than likely do it. how many children do we know of that acts like wild animals and at the end of the day you learn that they were raised in a decent christian environment? i agree fully that if they are taught the right morals and values they will more than likely end up as good citizens but at the same time if thier mindset is on following the crowd, etc. then that’s exactly wat they’ll do

  3. Let me start of by saying I am not one thats caught up in all the political rethoric because quite frankly be it plp or fnm or ndp what it all boils down to is that we are bahamians and at the end of the day politics equals corruption. Now with that being said I am really sick and tired of the blame game from both parties and the supporters. How is it the fault of one government for the ill – mannered attitudes, behaviours and upbringing of some of our nations children. The bible says train up a child in the way it should go and they will not depart from it. It starts in the home, with the proper upbringing, guidance and home training by responsible, involved parents there would be fewer incidences of violence within our schools and communities. To make a long story short if a child is not reared in the right way with the right teachings, manners, and respect from their parents when they are outside of the home they will act like the wild and untrained individuals that they were raised to be!

    • agre empress34, everytime something happens its politics,but like i have said before we are the blame, as bahamian, parents,lawyers,teachers, bishops, pastors, community leaders, it all starts at HOME. we are a FAKE christian nation 100% das my 5 cents

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