Branville McCartney says like 'Brave' Davis, "It is also my belief that our current political system is headed in the wrong direction."


mccatrneyBy W.A Branville McCartney on his resignation as Minister Of State for Immigration.
1st March 2010.

BRANVILLE: With a profound spirit of service and sacrifice and the unwavering support of my wife and family I entered the political arena to pursue a lifelong ambition. Six years ago I was afforded an opportunity of a lifetime. As leader of The Free National Movement, Tommy Turnquest invited me to join this awesome political machinery.

Subsequently, I have been the benefactor of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s political precision and decisiveness. One need look no further than his decision to introduce me to citizens of the Constituency of Bamboo Town as evidence of his unique ability to think, reflect, consider and make the right decision.

Earning the confidence of Mr. Ingraham and his selection of me to serve in his Cabinet, first as Minister of State for Tourism and Aviation and then as Minister of State for Immigration, two integral engines which drive the primary state of affairs of this great country, rank in very high priority over my achievements in politics thus far. That the Free National Movement has achieved since its election to a 3rd non consecutive term as the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas gives me hope for what we can and must achieve in the future and I am humbled to have participated so instrumentally to this end. I am indeed proud to be FNM.

Much has happened in my political and personal life which has propelled me to the point where I must take this opportunity to inform the nation that in a letter dated 28th February, 2010, I have advised both The Governor General and The Prime Minister of my resignation as Minister of State for Immigration with immediate effect.

My decision, to demit office at this time, was well thought out and soberly contemplated over a period of time. It was not an easy decision, but one that needed to be made, because of my determination and resolve that it was and continues to be the right thing to do, not in any way motivated by conventional wisdom, the prevailing consensus or the latest snapshot of public opinion, but right according to my personal convictions. The factors that motivated this run the full gamete of issues and emotions, some more compelling than others. In the forefront are my feelings of stagnation and the inability to fully utilize my political potential at this time.

The situation that faces us as a nation today is very serious. Some have suggested that we as a nation are powerless to change the very circumstances we face, and have even gone as far as to suggest that the result of the Elizabeth by-election means that there is no urgent and compelling reason for anyone to act to this end.

Through my frequent interaction with the constituents of Bamboo Town and residents of other Constituencies throughout the length and breadth of this nation I have come to appreciate that Bahamians have not given up, but have simply rejected the 20th century ideology of Bahamian politics. With our millennium minds we can see that while our challenges are ageless the answers do not have to be. We do not have to succumb to uncomfortable and illogical catch 22 scenarios.

Bahamians are now more open minded and are now showing a higher intolerance or aversion to prejudice in any form. But the one thing that has not changed for us is that regardless of our backgrounds we all know what decency, respect for others and courtesy looks like and how ugly it looks when the standard is breached. Politics is no exception.

I personally believe that we disrespect our constituents and our people when we belittle others in order to gain political millage. It is also my belief that our current political system is headed in the wrong direction. I was taught by my parents to gain respect on my own merit and accomplishments, and not by highlighting the weaknesses of others. Respect must be the order of the day no matter your political persuasion.

I have already proven myself on many levels and have much to be proud of, but it would be wrong of me to assume that I have proven myself to you without demonstrating the strength and diversity of knowledge you deserve. A goal of my recommitment to my family, Bamboo Town and the entire nation is to utilize my God-given talent to assist in every way possible to propel our country forward so that everyone experiences inclusion.

We are facing tough times, but I confidently believe that the nation has been mobilized by Mr. Ingraham and the FNM and rallied for a great national effort. I have learned why this Prime Minister and Leader of the FNM is the most successful leader of our party. And it is because of this that I say, I have no sympathy with and will give no credence or comfort to those who would want to use this resignation to undermine his leadership of the FNM and/or The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

I intend to focus on my family. I intend to focus on the Constituency of Bamboo town and give them both the representation and support they need and deserve at this time. My strengths will be invested in making them stronger. My energy and ambition will hopefully lead to greater opportunities for them. There have indeed been some very thrilling high points along the way, one of which I am very proud to share with you today. My wife Lisa, my daughters Kasia and Tai and I have welcomed a new member to our family, Lawrence Khail McCartney. The birth of each of our children has provided us unbounded joy and emotion and a welcome reminder that life is more about the moments than the occasions, and success in life depends on how well you are able to determine and manage the order of your priorities- by the acceleration of some, the abeyance of others and the acceptance that in life nothing comes before its time.

To my Bamboo Town Family I will make a further more personal statement to you in the days to come. Until then be assured of my commitment to ensure that you experience a rebirth like none before as my plans for your continued growth and development unfold. I cannot mask my affection for the constituency of Bamboo Town and I am very grateful to Mr. Ingraham and the Free National Movement for bringing us together.

Bamboo Town will be ready and the FNM party will continue to lead this great national effort to a fourth election victory with my full, unwavering and steadfast loyalty and support.


  1. When are we going to stop, review and cancel this red vs yellow syndrome. The reason we have HOA is to discuss and debate national problems. The problem I have is that if your a FNM or PLP you must agree with all of the policies the party implement whether you disagree with it. THAT’S the problem I’m having, its really rare when a person disagree with his party’s policies.  Branville McCartney didnt agree with his party and leader policies that’s why he resigned. To me THAT’S WHAT I CALL A REAL MP. The reason why we vote in constituency is because the MP is suppose to be the VOICE for the district. I have more respect to Mr. Branville McCartney because hes a MAN who gives his all and if he disagree with something it will be HEARD. That’s why I have plenty respect for McCartney, A. Gibson, Nottage, Davis, P. Moss, R. Rigby and Dr. Sands because they are NOT AFRAID to tell their party or there leaders that hey ITS WRONG!

  2. @GREEN TEA They are not in the Halls of Parlaiment yet – but right on the doorstep, though.  I recently had the opportunity to shake their hand the other day in the bank, while standing in line!

  3. RB75 – I would like to offer some rebuttal, but unfortunately, I have to admit that I cannot because I agree with you on all points. 

    However,  I must say that as I scan the halls of parliament, I have not seen one person inside those halls who has displayed the burning passion for the Bahamian people or this country.

  4. This dude is a class act.  I have reservations about his ability to lead the massive machinery of government at this time, but should secure the support of the majority of delegates in either the FNM or PLP Conventions, I would give him a serious look. 

  5. Which country can he be Prime Minister of? Not the Bahamas not at this time.People please he is a good person but please don’t let your emotions get carried away.

  6. I respect Branville for the stands he took in stepping down from the cabinet. I also think he is a good representative for the Bamboo Town area  and did a satisfactory job as the Junior Minister for Immigration.  But in no way is he capable to be prime minister of our country at this time. Branville, needs to sit at the feet of our leaders and be prepared to learn and serve until he has gathered sufficient knowledge before attempting to lead this country. Just take a glance in the US and see the problems the young and inexperience Barack Obama is going through and appreciate my take on Branville becoming prime minister of our Bahamas at this time.  (For the record, I am a big fan of Barack).

    • Green Tea,Which Leaders feet should he sit at ? Neither leader in this country has one clue on how to dig us out of this pit that we are in , Ingraham is becoming the national shame and his administration is a bunch of clueless neanderthals , it doesn’t take anyone with a rocket science degree to look at our problems and solve them , but it will take a leader with the testicle fortitude to make the decisions that have to be made .Right now we are living in a far right fundamentalist society where the members of parliament have sold their souls for money and power and thus they have turned our people into slaves and whores that crave to sit under their table and beg for the scrapes .the country is being thrown deeper and deeper into debt and thus our crime rate is climbing because there aren’t any jobs out there for young persons to do , and yet you have the church still placing there heads into the ground like the ostrich instead of keeping to what it is suppose to do.Our Country is on a collision course with an Ice berg , the only national plan that was presented to the nation was by Sir Lyndon and since we are on the last five years of that plan we are finding ourselves in a city that is falling apart .

  7. Now what we have here is a MAN, a full blooded REAL MAN.  And on top of that ya damn cute too!

  8. While  the statements is a contradiction , the house of Ingrham is about to fall and woe unto any one that is still a part of this Admininstration.

  9. If the Free National Movement have any type of sense they would start to VET Mr. Branville to run in the 2012 elections. His the ONLY person who can both maintain the party’s base AND bring in new VOTERS.  FNM would have a tough time with Brent Symonette and defiantly Tommy Turnquest. On the PLP side they have Brave Davis, hes the only person who received high raves and can maintain the party’s base and bring in new voters. I would love to see Branville vs Brave in 2012. I think that would be a very close race.  Its time to bury Hubert Ingraham and cremate Perry Christie.

  10. A well thought out speeech that gets the message acreoss without spite,rancour or hatred.It is obviously clear that PAPA has again placed his foot in his mouth without realising the consequences.Bran is a Tommy T man and will try to holdout until the spineless one makes his move.PAPA is not 21 st century ready and those of us who have management skills decry his banana republic mentality.I love the speech as it does not showup PAPA who I recall made a similar speech when he had been fired by Sir Lynden.PAPA at the time was not ingrateful to Sir Lynden but later down he tried to ravage him like a diseased dog.Is the same scenario likely to play out with Bran and PAPA?We shall see in the weeeks and months ahead. 

  11. I respect this man… if only there were a few more like him ..That are in his position and sphere of influence to help push the Bahamas in the right direction cause God knows we need it.

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