Branville McCartney say Wells and Rollins could carry dey [BLANK] –


Branville – Da joker – strikes again; suggesting he wants no JOKERS IN HIS PARTY!

There could only be ONE JOKER in the GREEN PARTY? QUESTION: Where is the democracy in the DNA?

Nassau, Bahamas — We at Bahamas Press almost dropped down flat on the floor like a penny when we heard Branville McCartney told the Guardian he don’t want Andre Rollins or Renward Wells.

Boy, we had a good laugh on this one. Laugh to tears. Those words from the leader of the DNA were like a homeless beggar, telling Social Services they could keep their voucher or new debit card. Branville is one big JOKE!

Does Branville McCartney have a choice? Ya know, he reminds us of a cult leader who decides who can and cannot be members!

Rollins and Wells are MPs. They are in the classroom deciding laws! They could teach even Branville how to get in the class and stay in as leader, but this is when you have someone so insecure leading the party that they are afraid of any competition.

What was most laughable of all was how McCartney said they [Wells and Rollins] have both had their chance to be in the DNA and they chose the PLP!

Now, here is the point. The DNA is out. They cannot appeal to the national support base. They are rife with bands of FNM rejects, former exiled foot soldiers and pirates expelled out to sea by Hubert Ingraham. And here comes some PLPs cussing the party, yet the man dictating the third force shell party [or breakaway of the FNM says he don’t want no PLPs? What a Jackass!

All we at Bahamas Press say is this – Branville McCartney must be the country’s newest dictator and wants nothing to do with PLPs – NOT EVEN THE ROGUES ONES! Is that Democracy?

We think not!

But we ga report and let yinner decide!