Branville McCartney, MP for Bamboo Town, the Best man for the Job!



  1. Glad to see that the PM is going to transfer the monies (the 100,000.00 allocations to each constituency) not used by MPs, back to other budgets, where it is needed. I really don’t understand why those representatives didn’t make use of the opportunities to do somethong for their neighbourhoods. They should be named and shamed. Were they just plain lazy or is it that they adhere to the “late again” ideology? Interesting how so many of them disappear only to reappear when they want your vote at election time!

  2. Potpourie: We took our bi-monthly drive around New Providence this afternoon. What a difference! The verges alongside the roads are swept back and clean. The garbage has been hauled away and all done by our fellow Bahamians. Thanks be to the crews and Mr. Deveaux and the Ministry of Works. I hope the Government can continue in these efforts and keep the young people employed. That initiative of the FNM is working well.
    It is hard to believe that there are so many buildings under construction, both single family and multi family and apartments being built in these rough economic times. Somebody must be doing something right despite all the badmouthing we are hearing. Albany project is going “great guns”. That construction company is doing a very professional job and quickly too.
    As we rounded a curve on East Bay we were faced with a couple on a mo-ped approaching in our lane. Couldn’t swerve to the right as a car attempted to pass us. No room to the left. Fortunately we were not speeding like the car attempting to pass us and the mo-ped had good brakes, as did we. I wonder if the Road Traffic people could put up a few more signs in strategic points to remind foreigners to keep to the left.
    Speaking of signs: the beach access signs are apparent to all and certainly there were a number of beachgoers out enjoying the afternoon. Another welcomed idea for the Bahamas executed by Mr. Deveaux and Co. We should hear fewer complaints this year. On another point: Jaws Beach had a few people enjoying that beach but… A sign has been posted that there is no parking there for the beach as it is a drop off point only. Directions are given where one may park. A security guard is present but a lot of good that is as there were 13 cars parked in the No Parking area and he was sitting reading a book in the booth! Bahamians pay no attention to the rules and the supposed enforcers turn a blind eye to infractions! When will we accept that these rules are not there to impede us but to keep order.
    I found it very interesting that one of our prominent media persons was found guilty of not paying monies due to the National Insurance for his companies and employees. This to the tune of $420,000.00. I hope he has to pay court costs and is heavily fined for not complying with the rules. Tell me how could he get away with this under the PLP then the FNM and then the PLP again? Then he had the nerve to have a program this week on ETHICS! While I approve of his programs and feel he is better than most, it is time for him to straighten out, appologize to the public and pay up as quickly as humanly possible. I wonder why,also, no one from the PLP jumped on this transgression? Could it be that he is a ????????
    Thanks to Mr. McCartney, for paving the road in the back of City Market. His constituants really appreciate that. The $100,000.00 provided to each consituancy each year (an FNM incentive) is certainly welcomed and not only for the benefit of FNM constituencies but for all. During the July budget debates most FNM MPs let us know how their allocations were spent but very few PLP MPs followed suit. A matter of transparency perhaps! Thanks to that gentleman, also, for the yoman’s job he is doing in the Ministry of Immigration.A tough job but a good man has taken up the challenge.
    I am looking forward to the discussions in the HOA on the interim report of the budget. Lets hope they all speak to the substance of the report and not turn back to all their usual nonsense about what “could have, should have” been done. The nation is tired of the “grandstanding”,”pontificating” and useless rhetoric provided by the same silly members who are only making fools of themselves. Mr. Speaker, if they can’t follow procedure and follow House rules, throw them out!40/40

  3. The nation needs more politicians like Min. Branville McCartney. This young man is very focus and he takes his position very seriously. It’s good to know he really believes Bahamians should come first. For far too long, I was made to feel it was the other people, then us. Anyway, he has given us a glimmer of hope. What an inspiration!! I say, “hats off to my man of business, Min. Branville McCartney!”

  4. Hats off to Mr.Mcartney for the job well done.This young man has a bright future if he stays focus,Again hats off.

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