British Press Gazette Reporter Erred Not John Marquis



Nassau, The Bahamas – Reporter Patrick Smith of Press Gazette confirmed to our blog yesterday that the error presented in the Press Gazette magazine was not made by John Marquis. Mr. Smith confirmed that the error was entirely his own and not of the Tribune’s managing editor.

In this we therefore hope John Marquis see in this, is not all about beating anyone to the ground. We are all about discarding truth whenever it is presented. Our job is not to dump letters into a garbage tin [or computer trash can] – as the Tribune so casually practise – but whenever a story presented is corrected, our job is to present it correctly even if it is not the opinion of this editor.

We however still call for John Marquis to retract his unchristian attack against the women of Neil Ellis Ministries [Mt Tabor Baptist Church] communicated in the Tribune on Christmas Eve.


Press Gazette responds on John Marquis article

Dear Sir,

We did cover the story on our website and through a misunderstanding
that was entirely my own the story contained an error concerning the
whereabouts of Mr Marquis and his deputy on the night of the shooting.
At no point did he say he was in the building,this was an incorrect assumption on my part.

After publication he contacted me and my editor to ask that the story
was changed to say that he had left the office some time before the
shooting took place. We were happy to amend the story accordingly.

Patrick Smith
Press Gazette
Wilmington Media
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tel: 02075492574


From: Bahamas Press []
Sent: 15 January 2008 04:56
To: Patrick Smith
Subject: Press Gazette Erred in reporting Shooting News…

Can you confirm or deny whether or not your article erred as John Marquis
has gone one record in the Bahamas as stating?