Businesses Be Warned No “Funny Business” when VAT Comes


Dear Sir

This letter comes at a time when we await the start of Valued Added Tax with much a baited breath.

I might be wrong but I am noticing a trend where business people are coming forward already starting the “cry” that they are fearing VAT because they are going to have to increase their prices so much its going to affect their businesses and the consumer.

I raise an eyebrow to this as I feel these business people are simply baiting us up for their grand plan of tripling their prices in the name of VAT. In other words I feel there will be MAJOR attempts to make price gouging a way of life.

Well let me tell these businesses who might have that in mind to get ready to be FINED and SHUT DOWN if they persist. I’ve attended the educational seminars on VAT and trust me, the government is not going to be playing with would be price gougers.

There will be a Commission set aside to watch and monitor merchants just to ensure that they will not try to rob consumers by tacking on ridiculously high prices.

VAT is a taxation system not put in place for the rich to try to get richer off the poor. The government will be watching so add on not a dime more than 7.5%. A word FROM the wise is sufficient

Yours etc

Romell Elliott