BUT elections still too CLOSE TO CALL…18 stations are yet to come in


Frances Friend, Presidential Hopeful in BUT Elections.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is reporting as of 1AM this morning [Wednesday] there has been no declared winner in the Bahamas Union Of Teachers elections held yesterday.

Belinda Wilson and members supporting the ‘A Team’ could be seen outside Teachers Union headquarters early this morning twiddling their thumbs and holding themselves up with black broomsticks, as if they were about to sweep the classrooms. There is no declared winner however, as the ballot results are yet to come in and the numbers are to close.

With poor communications and no national network operational, election officials contend the elections are still too close to call. Some 18 stations throughout the islands remain unaccounted for, particularly a large section of Grand Bahama, which exit poles suggest is in favour of Frances Friend, the presidential candidate who resides in that community.

Bahamas Press can confirm, however, Friend’s Vice President, Fr. Franklyn Colebrooke, was resoundingly rejected in yesterday’s ballot and was beaten out by Wilson’s running mate, Philip Dorsett. However, positions for the President, Treasurer and Secretary General are still all up for grabs.

If Elected President, Friend will bring to her new administration 37 years experience as a teacher, 32 years as a BUT member and eight years of leadership as an area vice-president for Grand Bahama

The veteran educator ran for the post in the two previous elections.


  1. Balinda God is watching over you and all the teachers who care and love you alot.You is a real professional leader. But we are so glad that Mrs. D.W.Davis Bridgette .A. .S. Seymour is out. She was an assert to herself and a liability to the Union. She needs to stay in the classroom and teach our Bahamian children music and not put party chairs and tables on truck on the Government Time.Teach me how to play the piano. No more $400.00 VP pay out of our money. God do not sleep.Again Bridgette go ask the Lord for forgiveness

  2. BP you were so wrong on this one, Belinda all in ya belly. The members knew what they wanted and that is what they voted for.

  3. Belinda, was on the news this morning and from all indication she is the WINNER.

    Although I am not a Belinda fan, I am very glad that if this is indeed so that she has won despite the nastiness that they put her through.

    The splattered egg on many faces as the teachers whom she served knew her worth.

    • Yes Shes BELINDA HAS A STRONG PERSONALITY BUT SHE IS FOR IN FACT THE TEACHERS!!!!…. People within her organization tried to destroy but shes A FIGHTER.

      BELINDA WILSON!!!!!!!!

  4. BP,
    You can go get some sleep now…..the latest update as at 1:45 a.m. was that Belinda Wilson and her entire slate (with the exception of Brenda Albury who contested the Secretary General post) had won the election!!!! Kingsley Black could now forget the consultancy job which Francis Friend dangled in front of him & Stephen McPhee will soon enough realize that his obstructionism will no longer be tolerated.

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