Cabinet Announce No Fees for Working Media At Junkanoo



NEW SOUTH OCEAN SPONSORS MUSIC MAKERS – The New South Ocean development is the new sponsor of the Music Makers Junkanoo. After having ten years of no sponsorship, hierarchy of the group received the cheque of some $35,000 on Thursday night during a rain storm. It is hoped that there will a lasting relationship between the Music Makers and its new sponsors, the New South Ocean development. The New South Ocean development, in its commitment to supporting Bahamian culture sought out the most deserving Music Makers to establish this relationship. The Music Makers Junkanoo Group was first established in 1953. The group first introduced the Brass Section to Junkanoo and was also responsible for introducing Choreographed Dancing. From left front row at the presentation are: Gary Russell, Music Makers leader; Jerome Gomez, representing New South Ocean and Frederick Calendar, Music Makers treasurer. Back row from left: Troy Evans, back line leader, Music Makers and William Brown, co-leader, Music Makers.

Nassau, The Bahamas – As previously announced, the Government will not approve of charging accreditation fees for working members of the media covering the up-coming Junkanoo parades.

The Government does not contemplate levying accreditation fees for coverage of Junkanoo or any other public event any time in the future.

The Government noted it is committed to making Junkanoo, the nation’s premier cultural street festival, accessible to as many Bahamians as possible and that is why it was announced recently that the prices for seating tickets this year have been reduced to levels charged for the 2001 parades.

The announcement noted that the Government is aware that there are outstanding issues relating to the protection of intellectual property and the use of such property for private commercial purposes and for profit.

The Cabinet said, these are issues that must be addressed but they do not impinge upon the right of the media to provide fair coverage of public events.