Cabinet Minister relative speaks to old persons rudely

Brensil Rolle Minister for Public Service.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning that workers at the National Insurance Board are sick and tired of the Cabinet Minister and his rude relatives who have taken over the Board.

The Minister’s relative is known for mistreating seniors at the Fox Hill National Insurance location dangerously displaying a nasty attitude to the pensioners who frequent the office.

A senior manager at NIB has made notes on the actions of the Minister’s relative, and the HR department at NIB head office, and yet, everyone is afraid to act because of the tires to the Minister.

Minister Brensil Rolle hired a number of relatives inside the Board some which has no care or respect for the poor who see assistance at NIB on a daily basis. They are rude and disrespectful!

Bahamas Press calls on the lazy OUTGOING PM to deal with this breaking development. We don’t expect any change though, the rude relative will have to feel the ax of the People at the polls whenever a general election is called.

We report yinner decide!