Cabinet Minister tells staff to pray to whomever they wish – meditate!


Minister has lost his marbles!

Da WUTLESS Minnis-Led Government.

Nassau – A certain Cabinet Minister who once carried the cross has fallen far from grace and even the devil worshippers in the Cabinet are becoming concerned.

We can tell you the Minister recently returned from a trip overseas and came back with all kinds of new forms of thoughts when it comes to prayer.

The Minister, who we shall not name but yinner should know, once made his fellow Christians proud as he ascended the high altars of Christendom. But today, like lightening falling from the sky, not even staff in the Minister’s department knows what has gone wrong.

Rather than leading his meetings in prayer, the Cabinet Minister now tells staff he will start the meetings with a moment of silence so staffers could pray to whomever they want to.

“It all started after the Minister returned home from a conference. This is a shock to us. There is no other religion around here. Just Christians and some devils but das it! What has gone wrong with the Minister concerns us deeply.”

This is not shocking to BP. And now this explains why this Government agency is in such chaos!

We report yinner decide!