Cable Bahamas has no heart, no soul no spirit of Charity for the Bahamian People following Hurricane Matthew…


Cable Bahamas and NewCo are worse than Hurricane Matthew…

Nassau, Bahamas – If there is anything that Bahamians have learned from the storm it’s the fact that, while companies and civic organizations were coming together to get the nation back on its feet, many are asking where was Cable Bahamas.

The said 100% Bahamian company has treated Bahamians like refugees following the passage of Hurricane Matthew. If you place a call into the company there is the worst customer service response one could buy.

Callers flooded the radio talk shows to vent their disgust against Cable, which has gone mute following the passage of the Hurricane.

What is worse is the fact that, while Cable service around the island and country remains down, the company has exercised not one bone of charity to give any kind of assistance back to communities following the storm.

“We are witnessing what is a complete abandonment of the people following the storm. CBL, which rakes in more than $166 million in profits from the Bahamian people, are nowhere giving water, discounts or any kind of assistance back into the community following the worst devastation in a long time. Where is their community spirit? Here is a classic example of a company that takes and is tight on giving back!” one caller told a talk show host.

Cable TV’s marketing man David Burrows told customers in a sad voice this past week that Cable cannot do anything until the power is restored in communities. The same could be said about NewCo. They, too, are mute!

Ya mean to tell us after making millions for more than 20 years CBL could not even put in place its own power generation to keep its services operational? Well, Wait!

We report yinner decide!