Cable Bahamas leaves Southern Bahama Islands in darkness without cable service

Cable Bahamas' head office.
Cable Bahamas’ head office.

Nassau, Bahamas – Perhaps, in what can only be described as an attempt to hide its abandonment of the southern Bahamas, Cable Bahamas announced to its city customers its intent to expand speeds via the Internet.

We find this incredible as it comes at a time when some islands most affected by Hurricane Joaquin have been left without cable for almost a year.

The Member of Parliament V. Alfred Gray confirmed in Parliament that his people have been all but abandoned by the cable provider.

In December 2015 statement, following the aftermath of the Hurricane, CBL said how Acklins and Crooked Island “are scheduled for completion by week’s end.” That date has come and gone and the people are still suffering.

Many recall how the provider didn’t live up to its obligations in remote areas of the country although funded and backed to do so by the government! This is not good and we call on Cable Bahamas to fulfill its duty to the Bahamian people and get every corner of the country up and running!

Meanwhile, Flow TV now presented by BTC is headed to the community near you all across the Bahamas.

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“We are committed to bringing television to all the Family Islands. No matter how far away and no matter the cost – we will take television services to areas that have never had it,” said Leon Williams, CEO.