Call The POLICE…Ingraham Fingerprints all over the COOKIE JAR?


A Bahamas Press EXCLUSIVE!!!!


  1. Yes Truth, this is your last response because you can’t hang, I’ll go with your stupidness as long as you want to, I bring facts not just defend Mugabe leadership, and yes if you look at what I wrote, you are defending corruption, man up and stop it, this country needs people that protect the weak, not take advantage of them.

  2. Truth Hurts and Awakening yall can’t be serious.

    Your immature banter is embarrassing. Here we are a nation neck high in $hit and you two don’t realize that yall look like two lil’ chihuahuas jumping around on your hind legs
    after a piece of sausage dangled by Papa. You dam skippy yall made this blog about personalities. If Papa was reading yall message he woulda been killin he self laughin at these stupid Bahamians saying:”I think I can win again you know.”

    As a young Bahamian it really makes me wonder if black people in general can really cause positive change even if we had God as our PM.

    Bahamian egos (as demonstrated by Asleep and Lies) are too large and b4 change there must be great humility and compassion. Those two ideals seem lost forever since blacks were enslav… I mean abducted by the greys I mean the palish-greys. How could we know where we gern if in school they only teach us that this nation’s majority came from kidnapping boats in the 1700’s from a jungle called Africa. This nation was built on chaos and for chaos and we are now living in perfect chaos.

    Anyway the bottom line is we’re just going through the same cycle initially perpetrated by ya boy Pin Lin….if the PLP was in power Christie would have been in South Africa paving da way for Papa an so on.

    I mean come on. I don’t mean to seem condescending but what I can’t stand under is if ALL of us know that
    the FNLPS are all friends WHY are we arguing about “Oh I didn’t vote them in, I vote for the other party.”

    So of course Papa ga make it hurt like hell b4 elections just so that Bahamians go running back to his former law partner Perry Christie and den split the profit.

    Da best thing WE can do right now is select a DREAM TEAM, write to them requesting representation and stick to it no matter which party dey affiliated with. Da more independent da better. I know Bahamas Press can help make this happen. If you agree add to the list.

    Dis my list so far:
    -Dr. Andre Rollins
    -Senator Jacintha Higgs
    -MP Desmond Bannister
    -The keeping it real former Elizabeth
    candidate Rodney Moncur
    -& other people in the community who display humility, compassion, integrity….
    No sweet talkin’ preachers please

  3. Again I say “Poor AWAKENED” you see you so dumb. Here is your post where you started the name calling, Awakened says:
    July 3, 2010 at 11:08 am
    Truthhurts, like any PLP that sucks the tit of the leader when he is doing wrong, you are doing the same for Ingraham and the FNM, you are a bonafide idiot, I’m sorry, but I have to say it that way, because I can’t believe you are defending corruption, at least if you love him so much, so should shut up and let the chips fall where they may, if he is innocent, then he will be vindicated in the end, I’m a shame of you and I don’t even know you, GEEEEEZ!!!!.”.

    So if you want to continue to carry on like a lil sissy, I could play your game too. But that would be making this poor blog and site about personalities not issues. So this, my dear AWAKENED, will be my last post and view on this topic. You will have to catch me on another story. I can’t help you with your fixation on Hubert, you probably need to see a sex therapist. Toodleloo.

  4. I thought there was a moratorium on promotions in the civil service but am reliably informed that the sister in law of the chief is now confirmed as a PS.Unless she was acting in that capacity this is s traversty.All other acting appointments were not confirmed by papa so nepotism is now his watchword.At this rate we can look forward to Gen Elects as early as this fall as the policies of papa are proving to be disastrous.I see why doughboy is crying as he will need to buy a new car soon and things tough.

  5. Again, “Jerkoff”, you started the name calling so now deal with it, instead of coming up with real points, you choose to mess with my opinion of politicians, incompetent politicians, those are my views, if you see Hubert as some great visionary, then that’s your thoughts, I don’t bother you for that, so who is hurt?, seems like you dude, when someone comments on Hubert and the crap that he is doing, you get offended so who is depending on politicians?, you have bucked up on the wrong person to have a debate with, again the proof is in the pudding, look around you, see how this clown is running this country, I don’t have to try and convince you, balls are all across your nose dred, now what are you gonna do?, and you can’t even fathom being AWAKENED girlie-man, I am sure you work for this team of clowns, and I am not angry, just disappointed in the political pandering of individuals like you, I bet your pockets are being lined by one of these excrements, it’s not only about you “Truthhurts”, it’s about all of us being looked out for, stop being selfish and stupid, by following the party line, your not gonna listen to me anyway, but I hope you change your myopic ways,…………….truth hurts eh!?.

  6. Oh Poor Awakened!!!!!!!! I will forgive you because as your name suggests you have just become AWAKENED. Some of us were there a long time ago. You can only be this angry if, as you obviously have, put all of your hope and trust in the POLITICIAN. SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. all i cansay is invest in gold thats what am doing…from the looks of things…protect the little you have…..

  8. Truthhurts, “Ya Ma’am is a Jackass”, ……now back to the point, we call these House members less than intelligent, because of their results, are you living here you imbecile, you are a Hubert fool, if you are so smart, why do you hang around the door step of these politicians and you know which ones, looking for scraps to fall in your lap, you are a waste of time why am I even dialoging with you, I know why, because you can’t run a decent conversation without trying to call others names, so I will stoop to your level, if you had any sense, you would see that we elect these idiots because they promise the world and then sell us out to their pale masters, open ya red bloodshot eyes and see the truth you freak, and stop sucking on Hubert’s tits or his ****, whichever your kinds likes better.

  9. Corruption rots and those immersed in its grip will do all in their power to sustain its survival.There are no excuses for Corruption and therefore defenders have mute points of view.

  10. ok so he was caught there is no democratic or transparent principles in this actions. he promised so much the right honorable hubert alexander ingraham…….so this is a pattern first he interviened in the judicial appointment he intervienes in contracts and is not even the minister involved…..and No No one is waiting on black moses to lead @ truth you confused in your generalisation no one is stuck on this stupid display of egotism and if somone insulted you by calling names you call them a jackass good one lesson learned. but back to the point you decided that it was ok for the contract to be handled the way it was thats fine but many feel otherwise that is because Mr ingrahm is big on his transperancy and trust malarky. even if he doin favors for cronies spread the wealth floyyd straight he up and running gee somone else a chance who is also qualified thats the point…..and see here you have choices in the blogsphere or have a field day they fully partisan in other places its a mixed bunch.

  11. Awakened you are a JACKASS. Why does an uneducated bastard like yourself have to resort to name calling when someone has a different point of view from you. This is nothing to do with defending corruption or vindication. You see where stupidity comes in, is that this hot piece of document is posted here, so now you all havin’ yourselves a “Hubert fest”, like this goin anywhere. Like I said before The PM has said all that you suckers are going to get. What gets me with Bahamians is that we label all of the people in Parliament has less intelligent than we who are on the outside. Yet all of you dumb****s out there waiting for some miracle. Stop focusing on the HOA. If you so smart why the hell you waitin on Hubert to lose and Perry or someone else to win. The nation will be at the same point because only 50 % of the people will be happy and pleased with what’s going on. Why can’t you people just move on in life as if there are no politicians. Find your way around them man.@Tristan@Altec. Maybe Hubert only tryin’ to help the people who never got anything when the PLP was in power .TIT for TAT.

  12. Truthhurts, like any PLP that sucks the tit of the leader when he is doing wrong, you are doing the same for Ingraham and the FNM, you are a bonafide idiot, I’m sorry, but I have to say it that way, because I can’t believe you are defending corruption, at least if you love him so much, so should shut up and let the chips fall where they may, if he is innocent, then he will be vindicated in the end, I’m a shame of you and I don’t even know you, GEEEEEZ!!!!.

  13. “Having Caught some of them with their hands IN the cookie jar, you send them back to office could you IMAGINE what will happen to the cookie jar?”

    Boy I tell ya! Time sure did tell.


  14. Why is it that some cant seem to admit that the process was undermined at the very least? Truthhurts, if you cant see what was about to take place, then i think you are either a blind partisan or simply playing ignorant.

    Papa is no god. His intentions were at the very least delayed because he knew this document was out there. Mr Wilmott’s company will still be allowed to bid on the project but in the interest of fairness, I dont think that should happen.

    Papa should remove Mr Willmott’s name from the list of company’s allowed to bid on this job.

  15. People like truth hurt will vote this shameless man right in avoiding the change that nee to take place in this country. The FNM mandate was Trust on trusted leadership. Sunshine Government. Bahamians will see fairplay… But i ask where??? In Grand Bahama the same thing happens. Fletcher from FES Construction does most building approved by Ingraham alone. Never a tender process Flether was engaged in. That is what i can Hand in the cookie jar givin out to your Generals. That is not politics that is curruption The FNM has to GO!!!

  16. We must therefore excuse your deficiencies in reading Truth. Dr. Donaldson had some very unkind words for the minister of tourism today who reported in the Tribune the growing crime will not affect Tourism.

    When you are in the business of deflecting Truth nothing is wrong with nothing! Ingraham has no SHAME AND HIS HAND IS ALL OVER THE COOKIE JAR!


  17. Hey Man this is politics.This een ga matter in 2012. Elections are won in the 6 weeks leading up to it. This will be long forgotten. and besides no one get no money.And clearly in point 11 the request is being made for the preparation of the Process of Tender Report and Cabinet Approval of that REPORT. All this before submitting the TENDER FOR APPROVAL BY CABINET. Now that’s what I read in this document.

  18. Fact is we expect no more from the PM. He did all he could in the communication of the minute paper. He could comment all he wants the communication speaks volumes about the man who claims the Bahamian people can TRUST.

    1) His Minister of Works is only collecting a salary.

    2) He is directly underhandedly awarding contracts to goons and circumventing the procedures that govern lawful procedures in the country.

    3) His hand is all over the COOKIE JAR and the public all sees what he has done.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. The truth is you have gotten all that you are going to get from The PM. He done say what he had to say, and I am sure he has moved on.No money spend nobody lose. Bigger fish to fry in this town people.

  20. The truth is the TRUTHHURTS! The Tribune we are certain was preview to the same document you see published here today. The BIG QUESTION is “WHY DID THEY NOT PUBLISH IT???

    The fact of the matter is they had no choice but craft a response before we got our hands on the documents. Our sources in the OPM are doing an excellent job in this country and we assure you, there is more, MUCH MORE to tell. STAY TUNED!!!


  21. Firstly truthhurts, Mr Ingraham did circumvent the process, the memo proves it and in the Tribune’s article, Mr Ingraham agrees that he “intervened.”

    Why did he have to? Is there not a Min of Works whose responsibility is to do this very thing? That should have been the first of many follow up questions from the Tribune’s reporter. But its obvious that she wasnt interested in that, her role was to get Papa to put out the fire people started whispering!

    Secondly, i think your missing BP over all point. Mr Wilmott was already awarded a contract of S8.6 million. If what Papa says is true, that there are many pre qualified contractors, then why is Mr Willmott even in the conversation for more work? (That should have been the Tribune’s reporter second follow up question, but i digress.)

    Mr Willmott has enough work as it is as he is already behind on construction project he was awarded. Why he need more work?

    What you see happening is Papa trying to put out a fire and get ahead of the story. In the Tribune’s article, Papa says on Monday past he then decided to send the work to tender once he realized the cost of $300,000. Monday past was June 28th and Mr Wilmotts’s company provided a bid on June 22nd. You dont think Papa knew that expanding the renovation to include the second floor would cost more that $50,000? That should have been the Tribune’s 3rd follow up question! How could Papa get so dumb so fast?

    Furthermore Papa should have sent it out to bid once he wanted the second floor done as well. But he didnt do that. According to the memo, only one company was contacted. A company that just so happen to be owned by one of his boys who was just given a $8.6 million job. Hmmm! Why only one company was contacted? Thats a 4th follow up that wasnt asked by the Tribune’s reporter.

    Now a bidder on a project has access to inside information on a project he is now about to bid on! You dont see anything wrong with that? Why didnt the Tribune’s reporter ask the PM if Mr Willmotts company would be excluded from the bidding process as it would seem improper if they are allowed to bid? I think thats a fair question! But again, i digress!

    But what disturbs me is the fact that the cabinet was made aware of one set of renovations in May to the first floor only (see point 2). In June, Papa went ahead, without informing cabinet and changed all the planed renovations to include the 2nd floor of the building as well (points 3,4,5). To me this clearly shows that Papa could care less about his own cabinet.

    But whats so jokey is that in points 3-5 of this memo, Papa is basically saying he dont need to follow no stinking procedures and is telling Mr Forbes who the contract is going too BEFORE the tender process begins and BEFORE cabinet is made aware of the new plans and gives its approval!

    Like i said earlier, where is the Min of Works in all of this, lol! All hell braking loose in this country and Papa wasting time on construction matters, bathroom fixtures and hurricane windows! Huhhhh!!!!!!!!

    When the contract goes to tender, surprise surprise, guess who would have and still may get it? This is political patronage in its truest form, in such a blatant manner!

    But lets not be foolish, this sh** been going on in this country since Columbus found this place, but Papa claims to not do these things. His government is suppose to be the “sunshine government” where “accountability” and “integrity” is not sacrificed. Well, so much for that!

    Someone has some explaining to do!

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