Candia Dames editor of The Bahama Journal resign



Candia Dames (in dark shades on Christie’s left) on May 2, election day recording questions given to then prime minister Perry Christie.

Nassau, Bahamas: The Bahamas will soon witness the collapse of another media empire. Breaking news have now confirmed that editor of the Bahama Journal Candia Dames has resigned from the Jones Communication Int’l Ltd. with immediate effect over the weekend. Ms. Dames who could not be reached for comment is reported to have tendered her resignation at The Bahama Journal/Love 97FM following the unceremonious dismissal of fellow reporter Paige Ferguson. Ms Ferguson was said to have left the organization in tears following a heated exchange in the newsroom between CEO Wendall Jones and some editorial staff members on Friday.

A source close to Colina has confirmed that some 10 staffers at the Jones Communications Ltd, are in talks with Nassau Guardian’s President Anthony Ferguson. The source has confirmed that Ms. Dames will join the new editorial team at the Nassau Guardian and its radio station 106.5FM. Dames declined an earlier offer at the Guardian back in 2005, however was said to have been continually sought after by the morning daily.

We will clean out Jones, as we are aware that the network has groomed some of the best professional in the business.” A member of the Colina group noted. Bahamas Press reported the intention of Colina to ‘close down’ Jones Communications Ltd. earlier this year, following the resignations of veteran journalist Fredrick Sturrup and former VP of marketing and sales Ms. Buena Wright.

A March 30th article on Bahamas Press quoted a board member of Colina saying, “We are going after every skill we can find, we are determined to present to The Bahamas the best of the best in media, and to do this we want the best that is out there.” (See article:

“These latest developments are just the beginning of things to come for the Jones Communications network.” The Colina executive told Bahamas Press over the weekend.


  1. We will all miss Candia from Jones, but I guess I will be listening to where she goes, her voice is clear and you can understand her words too. good luck Candia wherever you go I know who’ll be sorry!

  2. Good Job Candia,

    Mr. Jones will have a tuff time replacing her because she is the best in the business. Tinker you were right on the money. I think if given the opportunity she would transform the Guardian to what it needs to be.

  3. Jones will be begging for Dames’return real soon. If she knows what’s good for her, she should move on but the Guardian is nowhere to lay her bed. She will only be stifled by those with deep-seated jealousy issues who will stab her really hard in the back. Just ask the American Managing Editor who was fired last year as soon as she returned from China. Ask the many reporters,photographers, copy editors, graphic artists, HR assistant, newsroom coordinator, sales agents, advertising staff and circulation staff who were fired earlier this year and forced to keep it on the hush hush. Ask the 21 people who were all fired at the same time in 2006. The list goes on. The company has a history of firing at least 10-15 good persons every single year but the good this is ALL of these people are better off today. The turnover is high and anyone should find out why before they go there. The banks think twice about giving loans to guardian staff because they are there one day and gone the next!

  4. See how things work out for the Guardian? Fire one editor two weeks ago and now they have a chance to land a good one from Jones. At some point, Jones had better realize that everybody ain’t his children, and he gat plenty a dem, so he can’t talk to professionals any kind of way. Plus, there is definitely a family ceiling at Jones but even them is get pissed off by him. One of his sons quit a couple years ago and is working for 100 Jamz so that should tell you something about Wendall’s ego.

  5. Kudos to Dames for such a bold move. Other media houses need editors like her who will throw their support behind good people when they are treated unfairly by mean and insecure bosses.
    Dames would be the best person to manage the newsroom at the Guardian if the company really wants to see a major transformation of its product because the person in charge now is doing an awful job. I only buy the Journal because it has real news. The Guardian only has a bunch of weak crap.

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