Christie Brother defends the family against a nasty Nassau Guardian editorial attack!


While the Guardian takes a jab at Christie daily – His Government made sure the paper got a major piece of the $3.8 million Stronger Bahamas Campaign! Now what ya call dat?!

September 2, 2015
Dear Editor,

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie
Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie

Pope Francis told us in a Papal Encyclical that “our own knowledge and self awareness are relational. They are linked to others who have gone before us; in the first place, our parents who gave us our life and our name”. For this reason alone, I found assertions made in your Editorial of September 1, offensive. In your quest to damage my brother (Prime Minister) and the PLP’s electoral pursuits, you have crossed the line in editorial decorum by drawing the Christie family into what seems like a designed political agenda. The Prime Minister is a 40 year warrior, who “eats and drinks” politics. He is fair game for whatever pursuits you wish to follow and he has proven himself adept at neutralizing adversaries such as yourselves, so I do not have to fight his battles.

But who is this Christie family “that have come to believe they are entitled to rule the Bahamas”? What motivates you to charge in a provocative tone, “the Christies do not own these islands”? My parents, Gladstone and Naomi Christie, one a taxi driver, the other a nurse, provided life –long service to the Bahamian community with humility and distinction. They imparted to all of their five children, the values of respect, civility and decency to others. Why would you wish to convey the perception that “the Christies” parade around the country with pumped up chests as if we own any more of the Bahamas than you do? It’s a dishonest and disparaging portrayal and anyone who knows any member of my family or the Prime Minister’s wife and children will admonish you for stretching the boundary of good taste in your commentary.

It appears that Prime Minister Christie has really “gotten under the skin” of Editorialists at the Nassau Guardian. Arguably, it seems indicative of a personally driven agenda. But it was you Editor, who quite rightly reminded us that “our leaders serve at the pleasure of the people”. As I know PM Christie well, he passionately believes that also. Therefore, it’s he and the people in the Progressive Liberal Party who will examine their long standing mutual bond and make the determination on who can and should take the PLP to the finish line. You have absolutely no say and little sway, in that process. You can take that admonition from the “House of Christie,” as you labeled it.

Gary Christie