Christie Sunday – When will the Christie Regime [Parliamentarians] Begin Disclosing Their Financials as Required Presently in the Law?


Opposition should practice what they preach and lead the country by making Public Disclosure of their financials and prove how UNACCOUNTABLE the Christie Regime Is…

Trouble ahead for the Christie-led PLP GOVERNMENT! Report by BBB report does not favour new government well.

Support Collapses and PLP stalwarts hands are up in the air – HOPELESS IS SETTING IN AND THE PLP IS GOING NO WHERE FAST!!!

Nassau, Bahamas – The laws of the Bahamas are clear and what is presently being exercised by the Christie Government shows and proves that ain’t a damn thing has changed when it comes to disclosing public information on MPs.

This week the country got the shocking news how some PLPs, known to be closely tied to the PLP Regime, were handed loaded loans through Bank of the Bahamas [BOB].

Some of the loans were in the millions. From what we know, the Mighty Punch reported how PLP gal Patricia Mortimer allegedly has a $6.3 million dollar overdraft with BOB. We hear Obie gal pal from ZNS days, who is the owner of a radio station – connected to the former leader of the Turks and Caicos Islands – is alleged to have another $2 million owed to the BOB. And then there is the big whopping almost $3 million loan, alleged to be loaned to sitting Cabinet Minister Obie Wilchcombe following his undertaking in a failed foodstore operation, Universal Distributors Bahamas Ltd., which had operated on Grand Bahama.

Now in a turn of events, the Punch turned on their Master Leaker – ‘Da Snitch’ – who is deep in another scandal!

The PLP gravy train shysters and bandits nearly broke the public’s owned bank, leaving its operations in a troubled state and the Bahamian people holding the tab. What a disgrace – THE PLP JUST CANNOT CHANGE!

Now this is interesting because BOB is facing troubled times. The bank recently had to close down its much announced Florida offices as regulatory standards increased and it was costing the Bank money it did not have to meet with those increased standards.

We also know BOB in this year had to take some new staff cutting measures after the PLP bandits failed to pay back their debts, and, from what we have gathered, in that restructuring exercise young Bahamians employed with the bank are suffering as a result.

Bahamas Press has always argued that if only the WUTLESS Dinosaur MEDIA in the Bahamas do its job the country would run much better. If we in the the position holding the pen would put fire on those who are King of the land, the country would be a much better place.

In 2007 following the election victory of the FNM, the matters involving public disclosure went out the window. We knew then the PLP was not prepared to account to the Bahamian people for anything. In fact, some good things they did were swept under that big ‘dutty’ rug of the party. We knew they were unable to tell the public what was happening with its money and/or how it was being spent.

In came Hubert Ingraham [Christie and Brave Davis’ law partner], who further did damage to the Bahamian people.

Ingraham, we believe, had no idea as to how to spell the word “accountability” even though he sat as the minister of finance for fifteen of the last 20 years; and especially in the last five punishing years he turned out to be a colossal failure as he wrecked the Bahamian economy and landed the highest unemployment rate the nation had ever seen. Ingraham, many remember, racked up debt like a ‘jungaliss’ with a stolen credit card. He allowed corruption to fester in the Ministry of Tourism. He watched thievery occur at BEC and at Water and Sewerage. And he was Minister with responsibility for NIB watched the backside rape on the Bahamian people by its former Managing Director Algernon Cargill.

But what amazes us is that, from the first Christie Regime to the Ingraham Regime and now back to Christie, there is no word or commentary on enforcing the law on Public Disclosure. Of course, everyone is talking about freedom of information, but what about the Public Disclosure Act, which exists today and no Parliamentarian looks as if they are prepared to comply.

Both leaders [Christie and Ingraham] refuse to demand it even though it is in the law. They refuse to make comment on it. And if the facts are indeed true, none of them who Christie or Ingraham have empowered as the Commissioner – who is as lame as a duck – has compelled MPs sitting in leadership to share with the public whether or not they are as broke as a church mouse.

And although the law already empowers the Commissioner to force MPs to account, that Act has no teeth and thus MPs can sit in the Parliament – be bankrupt as a fallen Wall Street investor – and yet do our business. What in the hell is this?

As presented on the government’s website, the rules for this Act and the functions of Its Commissioner in government are clear. It reads:

“The Public Disclosure Commission is the Government agency which examines the Declarations of Members of Parliament, Senators, Senior Public Officers and Public Appointees, who are required to declare their assets, income and liabilities as of the 31st December of each year as mandated by the Public Disclosure Act.  The Public Disclosure Commission comprises a Chairman, a Secretary and two members who are appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, after consultation with the Leader of   the Opposition. Two Cabinet Office staff members are posted there to perform administrative duties.”

Is anyone else in the Parliament also calling for the Act to be enforced? Boy, we in the Bahamas are in a bad state.

Perhaps had this disclosure Act been enforced and the debts and income of MPs submitted, maybe, just maybe, the public would have known the financial state of the MP for West End and Bimini, who the Christie Regime is protecting. And perhaps if we knew what we know now, it may be safe to conclude that he may not be eligible to sit in Parliament. But who is questioning? The Media ain’t saying a word and the PLP REGIME IS MUTE! And where is the opposition?

The Christie Regime is working its way to be just like the Ingraham Regime and we Joe Public are the ‘wusser’ because of it.

The country will know when Christie is serious about “Opening the Books” as he has espoused recently in Church. He could start by forcing MPs and himself to follow the law and disclose their state of financial affairs for all the world to see. Until then all we ga get is TALK, HOT AIR and Shuffle!

Boy I tell ya – We ‘jookin’ and playing around!

We report yinner decide!