Church goes broke and bank ready to take Pilgram Baptist Cathedral even after the former pastor’s wife has put the church i


Frazer’s wife was paid $3,000 per month before she was fired by the Church board – EVEN THE CHURCH COLLECTING VAT from the people!!!

Randy Fraser and his wife leaving a downtown courtroom before his conviction.

Yinner would remember she and Frazer stripped down in their Adam and Eve suits and had sex in da church! Where were the seers of that church?

Nassau, Bahamas — The times in the life of the church are troubling these days and once again Pilgram Baptist Church is in the news.

The parish where convicted sex offender Randy Fraser was sent jail is now facing a new trial. Sin is to blame.

The Church owes money to the banks and guess what? The debts incurred at the million-dollar facility cannot be raised. Once again the mute Christian Council has nothing to day. And from the looks of things mama dem ga lose their church as they did their pastor.

Church losing their palatial edifices is nothing new. The same was done by the historic elaborate Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Orange County, California, in the United States. The Catholic Diocese in the area bought out that church and renamed it the Arboretum at Christ Cathedral.

But what is even more interesting these days is the fact that now that the assistant pastor has died and Frazer recovering from his experience in jail, Frazer’s wife has filed a $40,000 legal suit against the church.

What in the hell is dis? Sin is to blame.

The woman who testified during the trial how she and Frazer were so ungodly that they stripped down to their ‘adam and eve’ suits some nights while in the garden [the Church]; sexing tell they satisfied each other right in the place where praise and worship was lifted.

Well look what New Providence Churches have come to. This must be the walls Ezekiel warned us about!

According to the report published in the Tribune today, the pastor’s wife was fired from her job where she was paid $3,000 monthly by her husband. We wonder if that was for having sex in the church? Sin is to blame.

And guess what? Frazer’s wife was put in charge of the women. Boy bp gata laugh.

And so now in a desperate plea, members of the church board have come to the media, to air out their ‘dutty’ laundry.

From what we hear, most of the members have left the church, and many others have awaken spiritually and have realized they have been contributing to some things that from all accounts were UNGODLY, UNCHRISTIAN, NASTY, SACRILEGIOUS, ‘Dutty’ and pure legalism!

And so the bank where much of the church money and assets are held had given a 30-day notice to the church last year.

According to a trustee who informed the Tribune, “In January, the Chief Justice ordered that we work out a strategy. We have met with the bank since the court hearing and we are scheduled to go back to court this week.

“It is a real challenge to pay the amount due which stands at a million dollars plus.

“As it stands now, the deadline I think is in 2016 or 2017 is when the note becomes due we have three years to repay the amount.

“We are having a lot of fundraising initiatives with a building fund as the main one. The way it is set up is if we can get 100 members to commit to $3,000 for the year, another 100 to give $3000 over a two year period and another 100 persons to pledge $3,000 over three years, we believe we will reach the mark.”

All we at BP says is this – I remember going into that church for an event years ago, and the then pastor told the church – “Don’t bring no dollar in this pan. Leave Pindling home!” Now look how the mighty has fallen.

For those who knows the virtues of prayer – Pray for dem!

We report yinner decide!