Church leaders finding it hard to keep their pants on and preach – Pray for dem cause the flesh weak!


Nassau, Bahamas — A junior minister of the gospel has his Bishop sweating drops of blood tonight after it was discovered that he has fathered a child with a young woman.

Lucky for the minister the young woman is of age. This is good.

The problem though is the fact that the Bishop is finding himself in a crisis where ministers are falling weak to the flesh.

They are human, too, and we at BP understand.

What we don’t understand though is how could anyone in the church publicly oppose collecting taxes from gambling proceeds and, in the same breath, say that is ok and right to pull panties down in some dark room with secret lover.

Someone gata fix dat hypocrisy.

Or how about the fact that a minister could go to jail convicted of committing statutory rape and months later be reelected as the senior pastor of an historic church?


And so, while the junior minister goes on leave, and another is made to sit down from his deeds caught on camera – the Church must still go on and BP must still report.

For he that is without sin cast the first stone! And the bible said – And they all walked away…

We ga leave it there!

Pray for the junior minister people! He ga need it to be a good daddy and pastor!

We report yinner decide!