Church member robbed and car stolen while worshipers gathered this morning!


Bandits in love with the COCO – now robbing the Houses of God?

Evangelistic Temple Collins Ave.

Nassau, Bahamas — This writer is persuaded there are some of us who are determined to keep the country strong and protect her from all forms of insurgents mocked in violence, and then, there are those of us who will seek to keep this country plummeting in violence.

This morning a dangerous act unfolded outside a local church here in the capital.

While morning worshippers were praising THE GREAT GOD OF THE EARTH AND SKY – bandits stormed around victim just outside the Evangelistic Temple Church in Centreville opposite the Seventeen shop and robbed the member.

Now this is a despicable, dreadful and disgracefndul act, which we all know can only lead to the earth opening from under the feet of the bandits. To see that someone, anyone, would walk on holy ground here in the capital and demand the collection proves that those same ‘lil’ children, who have fallen in love with the ‘COCO’ and not Christ, wants to destroy the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press calls on local residents reading this to please help the police in this matter. SPEAK UP – and let’s work hard – together today to not allow those criminals to rest until they are placed behind bars!

We report yinner decide!