Annual Church Service for The RBPF


roadclosedNassau, Bahamas – The Annual Church Service for The Royal Bahamas Police Force will be held on Sunday 10th January, 2010 at St. Johns Native Baptist Church on Meeting Street at 2:30 pm.

Officers from the Police Force, Defense Force, Immigration Department and the Prison Department will assemble at Police Headquarters on East Street at 1:30 pm, where they will march to the Church.

It is the intention of the Police to control vehicular traffic on and around the Parade Route and the church to ensure the parade move unhindered and traffic continue to flow freely in the area.


  1. First Off, let me commend your clearness on this subject. I am not an expert on this subject, but after reading your article, my understanding has developed substantially. Please allow me to grab your rss feed to stay in touch with any forthcoming updates. Positive job and will offer it on to acquaintances and my readers.

    • The name is New. I am not sure what word you are looking for what does touchous mean. If you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  2. And we gave you a simple answer. The story on the RBDF has been posted for months.



    • Months! Really December 28,2009 is months ago. Maybe thats why there is a D average last time I checked 2 weeks have not even passed since you posted they story.

    • I read that story. I also don’t appreciate the tone of  your response. It was a simple question.

  3. If the Authorities are not allowed to do the peoples work in the Chamber of Wickedness (the church) why is it that wicked priests see it fit to have a church service for the Authorities.  I hope this year the church will not be continued to be used as a SANCTUARY FOR CORRUPTION for violators of our Immigration laws. Is the church also the sanctuary for rapists, thieves, prostitutes and murderers. Why do we pay creedence to the devil, to hinder the works of the people. I cry shame again, for the Authorities being sucked in the chamber of wickedness for brainwashing messages of hinderance, so the people work will not be done. When the Authorities do their operations they use high power weapons to get the job done, the same tactic is needed for the church for her gates are flooded with criminals especially illegal migrants.

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