Country struggles to tackle Crime CRISIS…92nd Murder in Andros last evening



<<< A photo  of 21 year-old, Jermaine Deal, discovered dead in Mastic Point Andros last night.

Mastic Point, Andros — The Bahamas has started the year off as the bloodiest ever seen in its history. Mastic Point, Andros has recorded the latest murder in the country last evening, the 4th occurring in the last 5 days.

The victim is a graduate in the class of 2006 at the North Andros High School. He is 21 year-old, Jermaine Deal, who was found shot to death on Saturday evening alongside a cold lonely road in Mastic Point around 8pm. Bahamas Press investigators are already on ground in the community where Deal was discovered and here’s what we know.

Deal’s was shot multiple times about the body with two visible shots to his head and chest. His body was discovered nearby his car on the side of the road where it is believed the incident took place.

Bahamas Press agents also know, Deal was found by his sister who we know had received a text message from a passerby telling her that he [Deal] might have had an accident on the road. The text sender has not yet to be identified by BP.

Residents of Andros particularly those in the Mastic Point community are calling on all residents to come together and solve this latest homicide which has shocked the small settlement.

Meanwhile, upon hearing the news, political activist Rodney Moncur told BP, “The Workers party condemns the escalations of murders that are  taking place through out our nation, as the new year rolls in.

“We blame Prime Minister Hubert Ingaham and the FNM government for failing to guard the nation against the importation of illegal guns and weaponry coming into our island nation. We say that the government should start hanging immediately.  Let us not surrender our nation to the murderers.”

Moncur announced a pro-hanging march slated for Saturday 16th January at 9 a.m. The march will begin and end at the R.M. Bailey Park.

The murder records the 92nd in the country since 2009.


  1. Hanging will not stop these guys from killing each other. It would just make more $$$ for the undertaker. Start charging parents when kids under 18 do shyt!Some parents need a good cut as- I blame them for bringing up these sick young people .Kids come into this world with a clean slate, what goes on that is mostly but not entirely under the parents control. Train a child in the way he should be and stop believing that rearing kids is just abut feedin them chlothing them and puttin a roof ova there heads. I see y the doc sometimes tie of some of these  women without a good medical reason, they just breathin misfits.

    • I was reading your comment and even though I didn’t agree with some of the things you said I didn’t have a problem with it until I reached the part where you said, “

      I see y the doc sometimes tie of some of these women without a good medical reason, they just breathin misfits.” I can’t understand why you would attack mothers who neglects their children, but failed to say anything about the fathers who do the same thing. It seems a bit bias to me. I just hope you are not one of those fathers who enjoys hanging out with the boys more than spending quality time setting example for your kids and believe the mother suppose to be mommy and daddy to them, if that’s the case, I hope you know that’s not right. It is important for both parents to have a hand in raising these children, if it is possible. Anyway, this crime problem goes deeper than parents neglecting their children, which is a very important part of the equation and should not be overlooked, but the thing is some people might have had parents that used to check or don’t check for them, but once they start engaging in crime they needs to be dealt with, because are consider a hazard to society. People killing up people, we can’t say, ok this one didn’t have good parents raising him, so lets send him back out on the street. Another thing, hanging will not stop people from killing one another, but if you hang a murderer, you don’t have to worry about that same murderer killing somebody again.

  2. You know it makes me feel bad that the Govtment know full well that they have signed on to agreements that prohibit the method in which we use to punish offenders of such henais acts,as well they know that the constitution has to be changed in relation to being able to deny bail to certain offences.Be clear with the people of the Bahamas. We have a civil right.Or is there any civil right?.Big brothers watching.

  3. At this time, I wish to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the family members and friends of Jermaine Deal. It feel as if just about every day or every other day I am here on BP sending my heartfelt sympathy to a families who have just lost their love ones because of some violent act. I could hardly take it, that’s the reason why I seldom look at the obituary. A morning last week, I decide that I would sit in front of my TV and I look at all the dead person’s funeral announcement and what bothered me was the fact there was as much young persons as old ones or it could have even been more young than old. They were all so beautiful and handsome they seems as if they had their whole life ahead of them and they could have been just about anything they wanted to be. Every time, I look at a young person face, I would ask why? What happened? My husband was there with me and we would try to figure out what happened to some of them, sometimes, he would say, I think that’s the one who they say got shot or stab some where. It is just so sad. So many lives have been shattered so unnecessary. I just want all the madness to end.

  4. On a serious note  PLP or FNM don’t matter to me,when we elected you guys we didn’t ask for your religion so please don’t use that as an excuse to not support hanging….please hang these mutha$$$$$$$$$$ so we can atleast but a dent in crime… GROW SOME!!!

  5. This is crazy, maybe if they start hanging these people as soon as they get caught, this crime situation will stop, the bible says : EYE FOR AND EYE, AND TOOTH FOR A TOOTH.

  6. My heart bleeds for this small country.  Again, deepest sympathy to the family of the young Mr. Deal.

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