91st Murder since 2009 happening now


PoliceNassau, Bahamas — Police are on East Street opposite Audley Kemp bar investigating another shooting.

Bahamas Press is reporting another fatal shooting here in the capital during this early sabbath morning. The incident is the 91st murder recorded since the beginning of 2009 and the 3rd murder for the year.


  1. In a boatyard in Miami yesterday, the sailors were talking about the high rate of violence that is infecting the Bahamas and how they will stay away.  It appears that the increasing crime rate will cost the Bahamas significant dollars in the tourist industry.

  2. I read in the newspaper where ywo men robbed Superwash laundry on Blue Hill Rd at 9:40 a.m on Friday past.Criminals seem to think that they have a free hand to do as they like.I am wondering why PAPA does not enact laws immediately to counter Crime and disallow so many hardened criminals on bail.It is quite obvious that the Govt is not listening so stay in your homes where you have a better chance of survival.I am still waiting for an explaination as to why the Govt feels it must interfere in the running of the Police Force.Oh well PAPA did say once that the criminals are only targeting each other,so I guess that is ok in his book.Where is the head of the Christian Council?Bahamas is burning so get up and speak.

    • I  believe that the government is waiting until a few months before the general elections to implement effective crime laws/strategies  that will greatly counteract the palns of these criminals. Impelmenting them now will be premature, wait a few more months right before the general elections then put stuff in place( that could have already been in place) so that will be the first and recent things on the voters minds when they go to vote.

      • Hi Lizard,  I don’t want to believe that, I would hate to believe our leaders are waiting until election to implement any solutions they may have for fighting this crime problem the country is faced with. This is no time for political games when there are so many lives are at stake. If they know something or have a plan to deal with this rise in crime now is the time to implement it, because these people aint just stealing and beating people, they killing them and once somebody has lost their life you can’t give it back to them. Now is the time to act!

        • kim think about it, of all those well learned men and women we voted in to over see this country, are you telling  me that they can’t come together and put policies/laws  in place to combat this crime scurge?

  3. North Andros recorded it’s first murder of the year (first for a few years actually) during Saturday evening. A young man was shot in the head and died at the scene.

  4. Girl Lizard, I know exactly what you mean. Yeah, he will need to have

    guts in order for him to be effective in this position, because I could see certain people in power trying to manipulate and mold him into being like previous chief of police, but he must show them that he is not easily compromised and he is a man of integrity and he will not allow them to intimidate him no matter who they are and what they paying or offering.

    • He showed us a few years ago that he is a man of integrety when he willing gave back all those gifts the people of freeport gave when he left them, and he did not make one comment about it but that he will return the gifts forewith…..HONESTY, TRANSPARENT, INTEGRETY SPOKE VOLUME……

  5. It has only been a week and two days since the New Year roll in and all the slaughtering has already began.  I hope this not a continuation from last year.

    • Happy new year Kim I wish you all the  best , to reply to your comment,  gurl the slaughtering never stopped. Mr.Greenslade really has his work cut out for him, but I pray that we as a country can band together and help the police fight this scurge……by any means nesessary.

      • Thank you Lizard and I wish you so much happiness and the best of health. It is really wonderful to be alive, but it is difficulty to be happy at times with all the slaughtering that is going on. I keep praying everyday that things would get better for the country, I know crime would never completely go away, but I hope this year we would be able to put a dent in it, especially our murder rate by reducing it significantly. Everybody seems to be waiting on Greenslade to make a difference and I believe he is going to do a much better job than Ferguson, but he has his work cut out for him. Tommy is not the best person to be in charge of National Security and he knows this, but he would not resign because his pride won’t let him and not to mention the perks that comes along with such a position. Then when Ferguson was COP he spend most of his time caught up in too much of the politics, so the crime problem was left unattended and wasn‘t given the proper attention that it deserved. Now we have the right man sitting in the chair of COP and we must give him our support, but let’s be realistic and realize that it will take some time, because this problem was not created over night. Now with right COP on the job and if we could start hanging some of these murderous bastards, I would say the country is on the right track in dealing with its crime problem.

        • the good thing is Mr. Greenslade doesnot look like a brown noser (if you know wat i mean) and think that he has the gutts to stand up to anyone ( politicians) who tries to interfer with him running and cleaning up this country.

    • I think if your were a victim or have had a family member killed senselessly then i believe that your comment would be different….God help us all

  6. Crime is going to continue. Lets hope the Police don’t get discourage before its back is broken. I do call for our new Commissioner to place those men and women the former Commissioner have off the job for political and spiteful reasons back on the job to fight crime. My count is 89 awaiting a response to return back to active duty. Ferguson was not fighting crime, but rather fighting his own men.

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