Condom Slamming ex-Cabinet Minister walks to FNM Conclave – having no vehicle and didn’t want to use his uncle’s garbage truck…


NASSAU| A former Cabinet Minister was happy that the special meeting of the FNM was being held at the Trinity Activity Centre. The meeting was just around the corner from the Minister’s home which means he only had to cut through some yards to get to the meeting.

The Condom “Slam on the Table Minister” is without a car after getting kicked out of office. He caught a ride in his uncle’s garbage truck for another meeting earlier this week.

Meanwhile, PM Minnis told FNMs at the meeting they could have an election for leadership come November, but he refused to sign any agreement that he will not run for Party Leader.

Minnis will do all in his power to make sure the FNM does not have any convention and will delay the event – just as he failed to host a convention since July 2016.

We report yinner decide!