Conservatives and Liberal Democrats Government Working together

Prime Minister Davis Cameron

We have come to Birmingham this week with a very clear message: the challenges facing Britain today – a war in Afghanistan, huge national debts at home, public services that desperately need change, social breakdown – require the whole country to pull together to meet them.

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have formed a government which puts the national interest first, stopping all the bickering and point-scoring to work together for the good of our country.

But overcoming our national problems needs more than two parties coming together. In my speech today – which you can watch here – I said we need a coalition of the British people: a cross-country recognition that we all have a part to play.

Take our plans to strengthen our economy. This government is doing its bit – not just by dealing with the deficit and restoring sound finances – but by encouraging enterprise through incentives like the Enterprise Allowance and more attractive business taxes.

But the success of our economy depends ultimately on people playing their part – entrepreneurs seizing these opportunities, creating wealth, jobs and opportunities for others. A pro-enterprise government and pro-active, go-getting people: together we will build a strong, prosperous economy.

So this is our message and this is our aim: not just to do our duty as a government, but to stir a spirit of national unity and resolve; to lift the national heart to the challenges we share.