COP Paul Rolle removes senior officers in charge of the Magistrate Court following that nasty, embarrassing video last week!


Police officers showed no respect for the LAW OR MINNIS’ COMPETENT AUTHORITY EMERGENCY ORDERS!

Chief Justice Brian Moree, COP Paul Rolle, and Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt all shocked by the abuse of the Magistrate Court Complex as a dancehall joint. Some believe partygoers also used illegal substances…

‘Bonkin’ in the Magistrate Complex as Courtroom turns into Dancehall captured by BP!

NASSAU| A major shakeup has come for the police leadership at the Magistrate Court where Bahamas Press exposed a big nasty party was underway on Independence.

BP is learning SUPERCOP Paul Rolle has dismantled the police staff in charge of the courts, and officer in charge of cell blocks, ASP Douglas, has been transferred.

Bahamas Press exposed how staff and guests who gathered at the party with loud music, mixed with rum and food got dangerously out of control and, after being exposed, caused the Decent Chief Justice Brian Moree and Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt to issue a statement following the embarrassing ordeal. Journalism at its finest!

Members of the Magistrates Court staff got called onto the red carpet by the Chief Justice.

At the ratchet event, none of the attendees wore masks and definitely didn’t keep six feet apart, as they bump, grind, and ‘dollar wine’ all in the bench beyond the curfew hours. WHAT A JOKE!

Mind you, these are the same police and court employees who daily cuffed, shacked, and brought citizens in for failing to follow the Competent Authority’s Emergency Orders and Protocols.

These are the same crew who witnessed the charging of citizens for disobeying the curfew orders, going to the pump for water, and in a yard playing dominos! But look at them while Bahamians were imprisoned home during curfew hours were partying into the morning hour in the sacred halls of justice. WHAT A COUNTRY 47 YEARS LATER!

We at BP knows this is not the first time a party has taken place inside the courts. For years police have left their garbage on the benches after their lit rachet parties were done in secret, without the knowledge of Justices and Magistrates.

We advise Justices to sanitize their chairs and desks when returning to the courtrooms because, after this revelation, no one knows what took place in their courtrooms the night before! No wonder so many rats are infesting these government buildings!

Bahamas Press wonders if anyone will face charges for disobeying the orders of Prime Minister THE MOST Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis!? This ain’t ga end well.

Anyway, we ga report, watch what unfolds and let yinner decide!