“Cry Baby Sour Lime” politician breaks down in a telephone conversation with a sweetie who had four paychecks…


NASSAU| A senior politician who has earned the name “Cry Baby Sour Lime” is now experiencing serious and, some suggest, dangerous levels of depression since his government lost power on September 16th. 

Cry Baby attempted to have a telephone conversation with one of his sweethearts who he closed the road for and the two of them broke down, washed in tears, over the phone. 

The sweetheart collected some four paychecks while the senior politician was in power, while the wife had only one job without pay. What is dis?!

The politician broke down in church as he remembered his faithful and dedicated wife who, in all her faithfulness, became his “greatest critic” during his one short term in office.

But it wasn’t losing power or some of the sweethearts following the crushing defeat. The senior MP is learning that – just a few weeks from now – he will be driving himself without any police protection and will be able to hear the people in the streets saying, “Looka Cry Baby Sour Lime” while passing.

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