Customs Department Headquarters on University Drive has had no air-conditioning for months!


Customs Headquarters on University Drive.

Nassau – For months now, the Customs Department Headquarters opposite the Central Detective Unit on University Drive has been without a functioning Air-conditioning system. FOR MONTHS!

Sources at the facility told Bahamas Press, “Could you imagine this, BP? Here is one of the main revenue facilities for the Government of the Bahamas – Its air-conditioning unit has gone down and the building is only operational [like the post office] for half day.

“This means we are paying officers to do nothing for half the time, while the paying taxpayers cannot get their items cleared and custom taxes paid. Who is running this country? What kind of JACKASS would allow this with revenue down all around and shortages in revenue collections a reality in the country!”

The Minnis Government also terminated the services of some 50% of the persons employed in the inland department. This is a serious crisis within the Finance Department and all we can conclude is that someone wants to make sure every area where merchants can get away murder does not function properly, while the poor are squeezed and taxed to hell.

Bahamas Press calls on the Government to fix /purchase a new AC unit before they break down the whole country! A GLOBAL RECESSION IS COMING! And yinner ga need every dollar!

We report yinner decide!