Da Valley Boys are once again back on the top! THREE STRAIGHT!!!


    One observer warns it’s time to get rid of the VALLEY JUDGES!

    The Valley Boys early New Years morning.
    The Valley Boys early New Years morning.

    Nassau, Bahamas – The annual New Year’s Day parade on Bay Street ended with another win for The Valley Boys, who also won the Boxing Day Parade. They finished with 87.78 points followed by Roots with 85.4, One Family with 87.1, and Saxons with 84.4.

    Results were announced at Arawak Cay the evening of January 1st and were aired on ZNS TV News. Watch the announcement of results on ZNS News starting at 2.25 minutes.

    Results as read are as follows :

    Free Dancer
    10 Saxons
    9 Valley
    8 Roots
    7 Roots
    6 Family
    5 Saxons
    4 Saxons
    3 Valley
    2 Valley
    Winner Family

    Lead Costume
    5 Family
    4 Family
    3 Valley Golden Fire
    2 Roota
    Winner Roots

    Shirley Street
    Winner tied
    Valley and Roots

    Off the Shoulder
    10 Valley
    9 Family
    8 Saxons
    7 Valley
    6 Saxons
    5 Saxons
    4 Saxons
    3 VALLEY
    2 VALLEY

    4 Roots
    3 Saxons
    2 Valley
    WINNER Family

    4 Saxons
    3 Roots
    2 Family
    WINNER Valley

    4 Saxons
    3 Family
    2 Roots
    WINNER Valley

    4 Saxons
    3 Roots
    2 Family
    WINNER …Valley