Das where da VAT MONEY GONE! Check this report out…


Police van transporting three prisoners rollover to side behind National Stadium Corridor…

Police bus overturned.

Nassau, Bahamas – A prison escort bus overturned today along the National Stadium corridor this morning.

The officers had three prisoners inside when the gray van overturned and flipped to its side injuring the occupants. No one was seriously injured, however, they were all taken to hospital to treat their bruises.

Bahamas Press wonders often why is it necessary for these prison caravans to be ‘haulin’ ass all through the busy streets in the top of the day? Leave on time and there would be no rush!

Anyway…this is how much needed vehicles to fight crime get broken up fast! #Get_dem_a_New_Bus_to_haul_ass_in! [Cause…Das where da VAT MONEY GONE!]

We report yinner decide!