Davis says resignation of DPM and Finance Minister Turnquest was inevitable

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis wants Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest to explain what his government is doing with Millions borrowed…

STATEMENT: Tonight’s resignation of Peter Turnquest as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance was inevitable. The allegations in the lawsuit are too serious and too scandalous for him to remain in such an important position.

However, the position of Minister of Finance remains essentially vacant.

Bahamians are looking at the thinness of the FNM bench and worrying there is no one of sufficient competence to lead that Ministry.

Who will speak about whether the state of the country’s finances have been truthfully represented?

Who will give confidence to Bahamians and international financial institutions that the public finances of the country are in safe hands?

In the meantime, the panicked late night proclamation of a new State of Emergency is a corrupt power grab by the Prime Minister, who wants to operate without scrutiny or accountability.

A health crisis, an economic crisis, and a constitutional crisis. What a mess.