Dead rats now raise a serious smell under the floors of the Parliament Building! WHAT IS THIS?

Dead rats under the Parliament floor.

Nassau| A serious rodent concern is building across the country and there is no place they have become a more serious hazard than at the Parliament buildings.

Big rats have nested so deep underground the floors of the House of Assembly that it has made it impossible for House staff to do their jobs.

Rats have climbed their way up into the Smokers Room, feasting on the leftovers following Parliament sessions. How we get like this?

The problem got so bad that an exterminator had to be called to rid the Parliament of the vexing problem. But another issue has unfolded: a dangerous foul smell has taken over the staff quarters inside the House of Assembly.

Some believe the stench has reached grave levels and has made it unbearable for the staff at the House.

The stench of death has become so bad that staff requested a few days off.

How the rats made their way from the Office of the Prime Minister in Cable Beach to Bay Street is another story for another day. Ya think they caught a ride in some Cabinet Minister car?

What is this?

We report yinner decide!