Desmond Bannister takes FNMs to court after calling the people in North Andros Geriatrics


After being the BIGLEAKER on Ministry of Education officials in a local tabloid, turned JACKASS running for the FNM in North Andros as he now haul FNMs to court.

FNMs Mad with Desmond Bannister

Red Bays, Andros — A ‘dutty’ nasty war against is being weighed against the people of North Andros by the FNM candidate for the constituency.

Desmond Bannister, the MP for Carmichael, is set to file a protest against seven residents: one DNA and the others supporting the FNM and PLP Party.

FNM loyal supporters in the north told BP, “Bannister had lost his F*&%-mind before an election is called. Could you imagine? They have my auntie, a longstanding supporter of the FNM, headed to court! Auntie never been to court in her life.”

Bahamas Press was shown the names of the persons being protested by the Carmichael MP. But its gets worse.
His move to protest voters in the constituency has angered residents nationwide.

A senior ‘Cecilite’ member of the FNM said, “This is what you get when you have a Party like the FNM turned over to the hands of a Tyrant and Dictator. They believe they should have the right to say who can and cannot vote. They believe the people fool. One day you have an FNM calling people in a constituency dead, while they are living. Later, he calls them ‘Geriatrics’. And then, when the heat comes down harder, you have the brazen attitude to haul Bahamians before the courts? People who you seek to represent? They mussy crazy!”

The last thing an FNM should be doing at this stage of the game is making voters vex. And with Family Island seats, all this could do is make an entire community angry.

Bahamas Press warned the people of North Andros before that the FNM candidate for the area is not committed to anyone. Ask I FA TANYA! She would tell ya!

The handwriting is clearly on the wall and it reads for the FNM – BE GONE!!!

We report Yinner Decide!